My first week at Innovation Visual

What Do You Need To Know About Me?

My name is Emily and I’m the newest addition to the Innovation Visual team.

Earlier on this year; after successfully completing my fair share of full-time education and leaving Farnborough Sixth Form College, I had to make the big decision whether or not to go to University. I was destined to study graphic design at the University of The Arts in London. However, after contemplating my options, I decided to start looking into the world of apprenticeships and what they could offer me instead of going to university.

I started to actively research the marketing sector and began to unearth terms such as SEO and Paid Search. After acquiring a basic knowledge of the digital marketing sector and feeling confident that this was the avenue I wanted to pursue I decided to apply for digital marketing apprenticeships.

I soon found myself in the meeting room of Innovation Visual’s brand-new offices sat across from Tim. The interview went well and Tim invited me to come and do a taster day at the office, where I was set a number of tasks and began to understand more about how the business operated.  I was then delighted to hear that Innovation Visual wanted me to join the team!

New Starter At Innovation Visual Headshot

I was made to feel welcome from the get-go and the team were so kind and attentive. Immediately I felt drawn to the company and was eager to become part of the team, which became a reality when Tim offered me the job!

Completing Week 1

I arrived at the office for my first day and was greeted by Tim and the team with some welcome gifts including my very own Innovation Visual branded mug. I started off my first week in a virtual classroom provided by Highbury College, Portsmouth. This is a key part of my apprenticeship and I kicked off my first module learning about HTML5 and CSS, which are essential in the process of website development. I found that learning, as well as working, is more suited to me and with the working environment that Tim has created, I am finding this very enjoyable.

I felt included in the team straight away, sitting in on meetings and understanding more about the company as the week progressed. Even in my first week I already feel I have learned so much by being around the team and through participating in a virtual level 3 digital marketing course.

What’s Next For Me?

I am looking forward to continuing my apprenticeship with my main focus being to continue developing my skills and to become more involved in all aspects of digital marketing. Innovation Visual is a full Google Partner meaning I have access to the Google study guides for the AdWords exams to progress and develop my skills alongside my level 3 digital marketing Course.

One of the many reasons I wanted to work for Innovation Visual was due to the opportunities available to develop and train on the job. I am very grateful to Innovation Visual for providing me with a platform that will allow me to develop and flourish professionally. I can’t wait to get stuck in and start my digital marketing journey!