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2022 Environmental Report

Posted by Jo L.S. on 01-Feb-2023 12:00:00 | 2 Minute Read

It should be no surprise to anyone that Innovation Visual are committed to helping the natural world. At all levels of the business, we look to support the environment through our charitable giving, fund raising efforts, social responsibility and offsetting. As part of our pledge, we report regularly on our carbon footprint, and our data for 2022 are now ready.

Carbon Footprint

In 2022 Innovation Visual has produced over 21tonnes of carbon dioxide through a mixture of commuting, business travel, and purchases and we have chosen to offset twice this amount.

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The New Normal?

The last few years have been very strange to say the least! Lockdown forced companies to engage with remote working for many employees and working from home at least had the positive impact of fewer cars on the roads. Since restrictions ended, hybrid working is still very popular, but commuting and business travel has inevitably increased again. This is very evident in our own data.

Since we began recording our environmental impact, three years ago, it has been difficult to identify what is a typical year of activity for Innovation Visual, but 2022 might be the best example of a “normal” year.

Actions this year

We have supported a lot of initiatives this year through voluntary work and donations, including 24 days of donated digital marketing expertise direct from our team.

IV Cleans Upinnovation-visual-team-building-litter-picking-day

In March we donned hi-vis jackets and wielded pickers as we scoured river banks and parks for discarded litter. Collecting everything from sweet wrappers to pieces of car bumper, the pathways were definitely cleaner once we were done!

Hobbs Nature Reserve Trust

This small charity was formed to protect a beautiful piece of land with important geological and conservation features. Previously managed by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, this deserted quarry bordering ancient woodland is home to many rare plants, and was under threat of complete abandonment, until a few dedicated locals decided to do what they could to conserve the area for the betterment of the natural world.

Innovation Visual has given what we can to support their efforts and we have plans to complete some voluntary work on site during 2023!

ARC Trust

The long standing charitable foundation, the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust, works tirelessly to conserve the UK’s native species of reptiles and amphibians. Team Innovation Visual are proud to continue to support this local organisation through corporate sponsorship.


The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation funds initiatives in Africa and Asia, to support critically endangered mammals in their natural environment. Innovation Visual has supported DSWF for over ten years through volunteering time and expertise, donating money and also fundraising efforts by the team.

1% for the Planet

This brilliant charity evangelises putting the planet and people over profit. They represent an international network of organisations, companies and individuals who are committed to help tackle global environmental issues, and we are very proud to count Innovation Visual amongst this number.


The manner of our work means that we do produce carbon dioxide and a 100% reduction is not practicable in the current economy and business infrastructure. This doesn’t mean that our efforts to reduce our output are in vain; if anything they are even more worthy. This is what makes recording our footprint so important. So that we are aware of what we are producing and can make appropriate reparations.


Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty is the charity we use to offset our unavoidable Carbon Footprint and you can read more about their brilliant work, and the initiatives they support here. The process of offsetting is really easy and you even get a certificate afterwards!

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We are always looking for ways to improve, so please feel free to get in touch with your ideas on how we can further reduce our carbon footprint.

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