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What’s Been Important in Digital Marketing in 2019

Posted by Charlie on 27-Dec-2019 17:27:00 | 3 Minute Read

What changes in digital marketing have had the biggest impact in 2019? Where is digital marketing heading in 2020? 

How can a business deliver the best results possible? The Innovation Visual team let us know all this and more. Be sure to take these insights into 2020 for business success.



- So Poppy, what do you think of digital barketing?

- Clotilde - What was your Digital Marketing highlight in 2019? 

- Yes, I thought 2019 was quite interesting with the Google algorithm evolving more towards entity rather than just specific pages so you have to develop authority around the whole brand, around the whole of your website, etcetera, so it's quite interesting the way it's moving towards yeah, the whole entity rather than just specific keywords, specific pages.

- What would you say is your digital marketing highlight for 2019?

- Ooh, good question. I think for me it's got to be chatbots. I think we're all pretty used to seeing chatbots on ecommerce websites and things like that, but a lot more B2B companies are starting to use them. It's a really nice way of capturing data without using old school forms and things like that. For me, the highlight probably putting a chatbot on the Innovation Visual website. The whole conversation on marketing thing is really exciting, it's a bit more dynamic when people come into the site, so it's not just chatbots, it's going to be all sorts of different ways of instantly communicating with your customers and I think that's really cool.

- What I've found is that local is very, very important and so from conferences I've attended and also just from doing the work here at Innovation Visual, how important it is to keep stuff like Google My Business, Optimise and posting on a regular basis, cause you do actually see results and it's more important than ever.

- For me it's been local SEO, I think there's been so many changes and algorithmic changes, I've really seen differences in clients' performance and it just highlights how important it is to keep everything up together, to work on local linking, to make sure your profiles are up together, use Google Posts, Imagery, anything that's available to you to help beef up the site and smash the competition.

- So, would you like to us to go back on what your digital marketing highlight of 2019 has been?

- I think it was about the Google algorithm updates which happened during last 11 or 12 months and it's still working like it used to be working in the past, so Google changed its search algorithm and it makes difference to what you can see in search result pages, for example the so-called Florida 2 Update which happened in late 8 March 2019.

- Hello Pete.

- What has been your, just your marketing highlight for 2019?

- I think for me, the evolution and development of conversational marketing is a really interesting area this year, we've become a Drift partner and Drift is all about conversational marketing and that point of contact with the user, realtime, dynamically on the site, developing their interest in whatever you are selling, through these really intelligent chatbots as well as live chat on the site.

- What would you say is your digital marketing highlight for 2019?

- Well, I haven't been in the team for long, this is my first week, but I've learnt so much already. The team have really helped me and taken me in well and I'm kind of just working on kind of learning all the softwares and techniques and stuff like that, so I don't have a massive answer, but I'm learning.

- Just came over really to ask you about what your digital marketing highlight 2019, has been?

- Not being asked by clients what GDPR was. That's been mine. It's been a refreshing change from 2018. Good. Okay. I think yours has been the most sarcastic response we've had so far.

- One of my main highlights for 2019 would be, the way automation is becoming hugely integral and how we optimise and maintain our clients' ad accounts, so whether it's using things like Target ROAS, Target CPA to make sure that we're getting the best value possible for our clients. It's been really, really sort of key. I'm saying that's becoming more and more important as we sort of go on into 2020, I suppose.

- Wow, okay so highlights for 2019, organic still rocks. It still rules the roost. Every time you look at metrics, it's typically organic. It gives you the ROI, it gives you the conversions, gives you what you need is the business, so for all the whizzes and bangs and people trying to distract you with other potential mediums, organic rules. You shouldn't be relying on your strategy of paying for traffic. Do the work, do the hard work and earn the quality traffic. Don't just try and chill out, pay money for traffic that isn't as good quality.

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