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The Innovation Visual Team Attend SEO Brighton

Posted by Team on 30-Apr-2018 16:31:00
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At Innovation Visual, training is something that we are really focused on. Training is not only beneficial for our own personal development as digital marketeers, but also for the service we provide to our clients. Constantly striving to improve helps us to provide even more effective digital marketing services to our clients. That’s why we attend BrightonSEO, Europe’s largest search marketing conference held in (you guessed it) Brighton twice a year.

Why do we attend BrightonSEO?

Brighton SEO street art

The event is a great chance for the Innovation Visual team to hear from industry experts about a number of different digital marketing channels including SEO, paid search, email, social media and content creation. The world of digital marketing is constantly innovating and this means that the team must be aware of the latest developments so we can provide the best possible consultancy to our clients. Over the last few years the conference has featured experts discussing some developments that are already seeing huge growth in the digital marketing industry, such as voice search.

The team have all written a blog post explaining what they learned from their standout talk of the event, so have a read and find out what our team learned about the ever changing world of digital marketing during their trip to Brighton:

Clotilde - 'How to bid on competitors terms for paid search' by Duane Brown

Alex - 'Link building in the real world' by Greg Gifford

Oktawiusz - 'Why BrightonSEO is no longer just an SEO conference and why this is good news!'

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