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Relaunching Service Hub!

Posted by Vanessa on 23-Mar-2022 17:05:00 | 4 Minute Read

We’ve got another exciting update from HubSpot…they are relaunching Services Hub. HubSpot wanted to improve the customer experience by changing customer service from a reactive, point-in-time engagement to a proactive customer service function, positively influencing the customer journey.


Investing in customer service upfront today means better customer experiences and improved retention. With the new Services Hub you can put your customer first with an easy and connected platform that delivers authentic service.

We’ve put this blog together to dive into more detail about the new Service Hub, which includes the three key components to HubSpot’s customer service solution; Help Desk, Omnichannel Service and Fully Integrated CRM & Automation.


Help Desk

New Features

Custom Views, in Shared Inbox

Custom views help teams using the service inbox to organise and prioritise their work. Managers can create dynamic issue work streams based on ticket and conversation details and agents can focus on issues within specific views first. As well as this, real-time issue counts will help teams understand the work backlog. Available on the Pro and Enterprise version of Service Hub.

Mobile Inbox

A help desk in the palm of your hands, you can now solve customer problems on the go! With mobile inbox, you can respond to customers over any channel, update ticket information, collaborate with teammates using @mentions and view which of your teammates are working on the same issue. You will be able to rapidly respond through snippets or attach documents, images, or knowledge content. Available on the free version, Starter, Pro and Enterprise.



Customer Portal

Empower your customers to gain ownership over their experience with a secure customer portal. Easily design your portal to look and feel like your brand where you can allow customers to see all of their past tickets and resolutions. As well as this, you’ll be able to activate your portal to keep ticket conversations going between customers and reps, so issues are resolved faster.

Available on the Pro and Enterprise version of Service Hub.


Current Features

Shared Inbox

Streamline and centralise customer communications across channels, so all of your teams have the visibility to manage and reply to conversations in one place. Available on the free version.


Agent presence

Scale your team’s productivity and reduce duplication with Agent presence. You’ll be able to see whether another agent is viewing the same email and you’ll even be able to see when another agent is typing within the message. Available on Pro & Enterprise with a service seat.

Knowledge Base

Help customers help themselves and reduce your number of support requests with a HubSpot Knowledge base. You’ll be able to create a robust, search optimized knowledge base of help articles, videos, and documentation. Over time, you can collect feedback on articles and analyse search patterns to improve your article. Available on Pro and Enterprise.


Omnichannel Service

New Features

Post-Chat Feedback

Understand how customers are experiencing their interactions with your teams by easily setting up feedback capture at the end of chat sessions. You’ll be able to view aggregate and individual chat feedback as well as trigger automation based off feedback, or respond directly to the customer. Available on Pro and Enterprise.


Inbound Calling

Reach resolutions with speed and authenticity with all the information you need in one place. You will be able to receive Inbound Calls directly to your personal device and automatically upload call data to HubSpot’s CRM. As well as this, you can purchase phone numbers directly from HubSpot. With just one click to connect you to a customer through Voice Over IP. Available in beta on Starter, Pro and Enterprise.


Current Features

Live Chat

Help customers on your website in real time where you’ll be able to automatically route users to the right people on your services team and build better relationships through contextual conversations. Available on the free version.

Chat Bots

Improve team capacity and scale 1-to-1 communications with chat bots. Use bots to automatically create tickets and send customers to the right Knowledge Base article. Available on the free version but can build more complex chatbots on Starter, Pro and Enterprise.


Facebook Messenger Integration

Manage your Facebook Messenger conversations from your shared inbox where you’ll be able to assign messenger chats to sales or support reps and create tickets. You will also be able to report on chat volume through messenger. Available on free version.

Conversation Intelligence

Maximise the value of your customer calls, so you can provide the most authentic service possible. Apply conversation intelligence to your calls placed through HubSpot Calling, Zoom, JustCall, Kixie, and more of the calling software that you already use. With conversation intelligence you will be able to search for tracked terms mentioned on calls, report on tracked terms associated with performance, and trigger workflows from tracked terms mentioned to automate your business. Available on Enterprise.


Fully integrated CRM & Automation


New Features


Set service level agreement for tickets in the inbox as well as easily report on and monitor time to first reply, and time to close. Available on Pro and Enterprise.

Customer Surveys

Learn what your customers really think with custom surveys and feedback tools. Tailor your survey to your business needs with a diverse array of question types and a customisable template. You will be able to send your custom survey via web link or email, then efficiently share insights with your teams so you can deepen customer relationships and improve retention. Available on Pro and Enterprise.


Service Analytics

Uncover key insights with out-of-the-box reports that help you deliver service that is both efficient and authentic. You will be able to track your most important metrics with our service analytics app: CSAT, average time to close ticket, chat wait time, and support volume. Available on Starter, Pro and Enterprise.


Current Features

Ticket Pipelines

Split tickets into different pipelines to organise your work as well as manage each pipeline uniquely to suit your business processes. Available on free.


Ticket + Help Desk Automation

Eliminate unnecessary manual processes so your team can focus on solving customer problems. With ticket and help desk automation, you can easily set up workflows that ensure the highest priority tickets get resolved. Then, set up triggers to create a deal or enrol customers into nurture sequences, all based on tickets. With automated routing and workflows for conversations, you can trigger notifications, set reminders, and generate tasks for the right teams. Simple ticket workflows available on Starter, help desk workflows available on Pro and Enterprise.

Customer Feedback Surveys

HubSpot will help you choose the most appropriate feedback tool, so you can get a read on how loyal your customers are. With customer feedback surveys, you can deploy pre-built feedback surveys that track key customer service KPIs (Net Promoter Score, and Customer Satisfaction) as well as follow up with customers automatically based on their NPS response, surface key product insights, and build social proof. Available on Starter, Pro and Enterprise.


Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about Service Hub or HubSpot in general and how it can be used to align your Sales & Marketing to your Services, then why not get in touch? We are Platinum HubSpot Partners with years of experience in helping businesses leverage their HubSpot platform to drive sales. We’d be happy to show you how the platform can be moulded to fit your business structure and deliver results. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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