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HubSpot Updates - January 2023

Posted by Megan on 30-Jan-2023 15:25:20
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In January, we saw some really exciting HubSpot updates that we think will truly help HubSpot users. We explore a few of these updates in more detail below.

What Key Updates Did HubSpot Release in January?

1. HubSpot CRM 

Dashboard Filters

This was a major update from HubSpot last month which will benefit not just your sales team but your entire marketing team too. HubSpot users will now be able to apply dashboard filters using a range of properties to single-object and cross-object reports.

For instance, if you have a marketing dashboard within HubSpot and tend to report on things such as email performance and contacts, you'll be able to set any of the properties as a filter. Likewise, your sales team will be able to use filters to report on objects such as deals or sales reps within their sales dashboard. So, if you have a dashboard that reports on specific objects, you'll be able to use these object properties to filter your dashboard within HubSpot. This excitingly also applies if you have a mixed dashboard with multiple different reports!

This applies to Free, Starter, Pro and Enterprise and is live now.


Quick Actions In The Custom Report Builder

If you're creating reports in the custom report builder, you can now view information about a property before adding it to your report visualisation. This is available to Pro and Enterprise level users and is live now.


Customise 'Create Record' Form By Pipeline

HubSpot mentioned this last month, but wanted to re-highlight it, as they were getting questions around whether users can customise which fields are going to be set when they're creating deals in specific pipelines.

So, HubSpot have clarified that admins will now have the ability to configure the 'create ticket/deal' forms, so that, dependant on which pipeline an individual chooses, different properties will appear as visible or required to users. This will be great for ticket and deal management as you'll be able to define which properties appear to sales reps and to specific pipelines.

This functionality is live now and is available to Pro and Enterprise level HubSpot users.


Configure Associations When a Record Is Created

Admins will be able to set associations as visible or required when standard object records are created within HubSpot. This also applies to custom objects within HubSpot too.

This is live now and is available to Starter, Pro and Enterprise level customers.


Import Mapping Guide & Custom Unique Ids

Excitingly, HubSpot have now created the functionality to see a 'mapping guide' to tell users when they've correctly mapped the properties needed to create new records or update existing records. Also, as part of this new feature, users will be able to use custom unique IDs to update and de-dupe existing deals, tickets and custom objects.

This is live now and is available across all HubSpot levels (Free, Starter, Pro and Enterprise).


Import Errors Table

HubSpot customers no longer have to download an Excel file to see any errors that have occurred with their import! Instead, you'll now be able to view errors that occurred within your import directly within the HubSpot product.

This is available across all HubSpot levels (Free, Starter, Pro and Enterprise) and is live now.


Imports Support Custom Property Validation

You'll now have greater control over what data is acceptable in your properties within HubSpot as the import functionality will now check the custom property validation rules that you define.

This is live now and is available across Free, Starter, Pro and Enterprise levels.

Manage Performance Of Lists

This is one of the really useful new features from HubSpot as users will be able to utilise a new graph called 'list size over time by version'. This will allow marketing professionals to track the performance of a specific list, which they can add to their dashboard. This graph will help your marketing team to see how changes to their list filters have impacted performance.

This is available across all HubSpot levels and is live now.


7-Day Change Field Available In Lists

This new property within lists will allow you to see how a specific list has changed over the last 7 days. This will be a great addition to your marketing efforts as you'll be able to see which of your lists are changing the most each week.

This feature is available to Free, Starter, Pro and Enterprise level customers and is live now.


Ability To Convert Active Lists To Static Lists

This simple HubSpot update means that you'll now be able to convert any of your active lists into a static list.

You'll be able to do this now and is available across all of the account levels (Free, Starter, Pro and Enterprise).


2. Marketing Hub and CMS Hub 

Hubspot Videos Can Have Subtitles

Whether you need to add a HubSpot video to your sales emails or marketing emails, you'll now be able to upload a .vtt file to accompany your video content to ensure users have the option to select subtitles. This feature is brilliant for customers that rely on subtitles for accessibility reasons and means that your content will now be able to resonate with more people.

This feature applies to Pro and Enterprise and is currently in public beta.


3. Marketing Hub 

Google Enhanced Conversions

This ad conversion events feature will help improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement and help to produce more powerful bidding. This works by sending hashed first-party conversion data from your website to Google in a privacy-safe way.

This applies to Pro and Enterprise HubSpot users and is in public beta.


Facebook CAPI For Forms

This new HubSpot integration feature with Meta will enable you to send any HubSpot form fill event data back to Meta as a conversion. This will help many HubSpot customers with their ad campaigns.

This feature is available to Pro and Enterprise users and is currently in public beta.


Hubspot Starter Customers Can Now Have Greater Automation For Ads

This was one of the features that HubSpot said they had a lot of requests for, so this should be exciting for those that currently have a Starter HubSpot account. Now, for those with a Starter account, they will be able to create simple workflows in ad campaigns, such as sending follow up emails after getting an ad interaction within Ad Campaign Creation and Management.

This is currently in public beta.


Sales Hub and Service Hub 

Create Goals And Forecast By Fiscal Year

HubSpot service and sales hub users can now rejoice! HubSpot has allowed the functionality for businesses to manage their goals and forecast based on their fiscal year within their HubSpot account.

This functionality is now live and is only available to Pro and Enterprise level users.



Confirmation Emails If A Contact Record Is Deleted

If a user permanently deletes contacts within HubSpot, they can now send a confirmation email to an email address of their choice for their records.

This is available now across all of the HubSpot accounts.

Email Notifications When A GDPR Toggle Is Changed

If a user changes the GDPR toggle within HubSpot to be on or off, an email notification will be automatically sent to the admin.

This is live now across all of the HubSpot accounts.

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