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Innovation Visual Attends Google Partners Elevator Dinner

Posted by Alex on 24-Nov-2017 15:26:30

On Wednesday evening Innovation Visual attended the Google Partners Elevator dinner at The Groucho Club to celebrate the conclusion of this years Elevator programme.

What is the Google Elevator Programme?

This year Google selected 30 high potential digital agencies who were already delivering exceptional results for their clients to join the Elevator Programme. Innovation Visual is proud to be one of the high performing agencies elevator programme logo

To be offered a place on the Elevator Programme, led by Robert Craven, an agency must meet a range of criteria, including showing evidence that the agency is providing a high standard of results for their clients and has high potential for growth. Over a 6 month period a number of sessions were run by Google with the aim of helping leaders of agencies to help businesses succeed online and deliver even more for their clients.

Tim Butler, founder of Innovation Visual, attended the Elevator programme this year and found the experience incredibly useful. "Robert Craven's understanding and knowledge of the digital agencies landscape is exceptional. He delivered the whole programme with a level of energy and enthusiasm that was infectious for the whole room. We are already implementing changes discussed during the programme, and we've found that those changes are improving the business and improving the service we deliver for our clients."

Innovation Visual will be taking the results of the programme forward into the future, giving us a lasting strategic advantage in the marketplace.

Discuss, Decide & Then Take Action

Robert Craven, head of the UK Elevator operation, treated us to a fantastic insight into the challenges facing digital agencies today, but more importantly revealed the approach that needs to be taken by agencies to overcome these challenges and elevator programme rocket

Robert spoke of the importance to discuss challenges. After discussion, the next step is to decide on what you’re going to do about it and then the next step is where so many fall down, and that is taking action. Doing what needs to be done is often the most difficult step, but if you can take action then you will go on to succeed at new levels.

At the end of the night, all attending agencies were given an Elevator Rocket that they had to build and the rocket is symbolic for what the Elevator programme is all about. As Robert explained, the purpose of the business coaching programme is to elevate agencies onto greater things and this all starts with taking action.


The second talk of the evening was delivered by Patrick Collister, Creative lead in The ZOO for Google. The Zoo is Google’s creative think tank for brands and agencies, with the purpose of pushing boundaries when it comes to creative thinking.

Patrick spoke about the concept of 10X, which is the idea of being ten times more productive to achieve seemingly unattainable results. Patrick shared examples of companies that had achieved 10X, as well as talking about YouTube’s growth. Around 5 billion videos are now watched on YouTube every day, now that’s pretty 10X!

Achieving 10X isn’t easy, that’s what makes it 10X. You must set out to achieve the seemingly unachievable, and then you too could achieve 10X.

Thank You to Google Partners

Being selected to be part of the Google Partners Elevator programme has been a hugely worthwhile experience for Innovation Visual, enabling us to further develop our business operations and deliver an even better service for our clients. We’re driven by achieving results for our clients and being part of the Elevator programme has helped us to do just that.

Thank you to Robert Craven for all his hard work. He truly is an expert in his field and we’ve felt privileged to have access to his expert insight and advice. Thank you also to the rest of the Google Partners team for their continued support.

If you would like Innovation Visual to help you take action then why not contact a member of our team to find out how we can help you increase your profit through digital.