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Innovation Visual Employee Investment: Gaining the Google Specialist Certification

Posted by Oktawiusz on 08-Nov-2016 16:03:07 | 2 Minute Read

We are pleased to announce that our Digital Marketing Executive, Lizzie, has successfully completed the Google Specialist Challenge in completing all 6 AdWords Advertising Exams! Congrats, Lizzie!

This involved achieving over 80% for the Fundamentals, Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and Shopping Advertising exams. Innovation Visual is particularly eager to invest in employee training as a full Google Partner, self-developing and widening our knowledge continuously in digital marketing. Google Partner’s is a Google programme for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts.

 What is AdWords?

What are Google AdWords Advertising Exams?

The AdWords Advertising exams are digital marketing tests aimed at the digital marketing professionals who want to extend their marketing horizon and improve their online marketing skills.

The AdWords certification exams are designed to test your knowledge of basic and advanced online advertising concepts, including the following:

  • Value proposition of online advertising
  • Campaign setup and management
  • Measurement
  • Optimisation


The Exams

Exam Description
AdWords Fundamentals The AdWords Fundamentals exam covers basic and intermediate concepts, including the benefits of online advertising and AdWords, and best practices for managing and optimising AdWords campaigns.
Search Advertising The Search Advertising exam covers basic and advanced concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimising search ad campaigns across the Search Network.
Display Advertising The Display Advertising exam covers advanced concepts and best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimising Display campaigns.
Mobile Advertising The Mobile Advertising exam covers the basic and advanced concepts of mobile advertising, including ad formats, bidding and targeting and campaign measurement and optimisation.
Video Advertising The Video Advertising exam covers basic and advanced concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimising video advertising campaigns across YouTube and the web.
Shopping Advertising The Shopping Advertising exam covers basic and advanced concepts, including creating a Merchant Center account and product data feed and creating and managing Shopping campaigns.

Each exam lasts 90 – 120 minutes and contains a different approach to contemporary marketing. Before taking each individual exam, it was necessary to undertake a good amount of revision and practical experience, this is due to the detailed and complex nature of the questions involved. So as you can imagine, it’s a challenge!


Reasons Employee Investment is Important

  1. It helps attract and keep great employees
  • It’s a benefit
  • It builds loyalty
  • It increases your reputation
  • It brings in good people
  1. It helps you create promotable employees
  • It creates a pool of capable workers
  • Creates workers ready for promotion
  • Helps you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your employees
  1. It keeps employees engaged at work
  • Unengaged employees are a recipe for disaster, as they take on negative attitudes, sloppy work habits and can potentially cause damage to relationships with clients and other employees. So, engagement is key, and investing in employee development is a no brainer.
  1. It helps you save and earn money
  • Well trained, engaged and confident employees will produce better work in the long run which saves an employer money as they become more efficient and proficient. Employee development also has the potential to increase sales and output.
  1. It forces you to look to the future
  • What kind of leadership will I need?
  • What will my clients/customers need from my employees?
  • What changes can I expect to see in the industry?

Staying on your toes as far as relative employee development is considered means you’ll be thinking ahead of the curve for your business – and is why here at Innovation Visual we will continue to see our investment in our employees as a crucial part of our business development.

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