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RWS IP Services Partner with Innovation Visual

Posted by Team on 18-Jun-2020 18:14:00
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Innovation Visual are now working with RWS IP Services and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership!

The Innovation Visual team are acting as an extension of their global marketing team, bringing the digital skills required to build upon RWS IP Services’ digital marketing strategy and securing them as a market leader. Our ongoing digital marketing services will drive increased leads and conversions through improved online search presence.

Digital Marketing Services for RWS IP Services

The Innovation Visual team will be working closely with RWS IP Services to ensure that their business goals are met providing ongoing digital marketing services to drive increased leads through improved online search presence and ensuring that the technology and tools used are effectively integrated and utilised.rws-logo

Increasing Website Traffic

Our team will work to optimise the website for organic search, to drive better visibility for all areas of RWS business, including SEO focused content and off page optimisation. We are aiming for RWS IP Services to rank number one in the UK and in major markets around the world for specific IP and patent translation and management service terms.

Paid search on Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing) and LinkedIn will enhance website traffic in the short term, whilst the organic strategy builds momentum and cements RWS as an authoritative site on Search Engine Results Pages. These ads will also improve upon the conversion rate.

Optimising Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the metric around which success pivots and Innovation Visual will improve upon CRO, increase the number of quality leads driven to the website, and improve on engagement of these leads once they have landed on the site, by delighting clients at each step of their journey towards converting to customers.

As HubSpot users, RWS IP Services are able to monitor their conversion metrics through nurturing leads in a highly scalable and dynamic manner. Innovation Visual are a certified Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency, and so brilliantly placed to support and coach the RWS marketing team through this process to progress leads around the inbound flywheel to conversion and beyond.

RWS IP Services

RWS IP Services is the Intellectual Property team of RWS. They provide the highest quality in translation services for organisations, concerning intellectual property (IP) and patents. They also offer a range of industry leading proprietary IP search services including Inovia, the online foreign patent filing system which provides leading technology and world class translations to save time and money on foreign filing work.

PatBase, from RWS IP Services, is the only global commercial database for patents which is designed by and for professional searchers, providing a superior search tool in English, Japanese and Chinese.

AOP Connect enables RWS IP Services’ clients to connect with more than 43,000 researchers from 170 countries, as well as store, search and organise IP search related art and references.

Want to Improve your Conversion Rate?

If you would like to find out how we can transform the results from your international B2B digital marketing strategy, then contact our expert digital marketing team.

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