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New HubSpot Website for DCX

Posted by Zoë on 28-Feb-2023 14:19:30
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Our client DCX is a full-service digital transformation and marketing agency. DCX was undergoing an extensive group-wide restructuring and re-brand and, as a result, was looking help developing a new website to better serve the needs of the new business.

The Brief

The changes in the business meant that the existing DCX website structure needed to change. However, implementing that change on the existing platform would have been complex, time-consuming and unlikely to fully meet the evolving needs of the business. Given that the website was not easy to update and hampered the in-house marketing team’s efforts, we made the decision to start from scratch on a new, more efficient platform.

The client wanted a flexible, easy-to-manage, future-proof website, that could be evolved as an asset rather than a cost-centre for the business. It needed to accurately reflect DCX’s new look and feel, be easy to use, update and maintain. More importantly though, it also needed to service the requirements of the site visitors, engage them, and support DCX’s marketing strategy effectively. With those needs in mind, we recommended that we build a new site on the HubSpot CMS.

Innovation Visual web development client DCX's website on laptop screen

Our Solution to DCX’s website requirements

While DCX does not rely on their website as a core lead generation tool, the site had to deliver properly managed user journeys and position the business effectively. The key objectives of the new website were:

  • To present the restructured business and its new brand in a compelling way
  • To develop a faster, more scalable web platform, designed to evolve with the business in the short, medium, and long term
  • To more clearly explain the business service suite in an accessible and understandable way
  • To deliver more compelling evidence of the results DCX achieves for their clients
  • To more easily enable the business’ target audiences to find the validation, engagement, and evidence they needed to progress their relationship with DCX through to conversion and beyond
  • To give the business efficient and user-friendly access to make changes to all areas of the website, including deployment of content and timely blog updates


We worked with the DCX team to understand how the changes to their business would be reflected in the website, and how that would change the existing Information Architecture (IA). We then worked to refine and streamline the updated IA, using research and data, to ensure it worked effectively from both a user journey point of view and for SEO.

Innovation Visual web development client DCX's website on mobile screen


Design and Build

As DCX have an in-house design team, they chose to design the new website themselves. As Innovation Visual offers Just The Expertise You Need, we were more than happy to work with the DCX team to deliver our support in the areas they most needed it. The Innovation Visual team helped guide the designers by providing a series of wireframes for the website. Essentially, pared down structures of each key page type included. From there, the DCX designers created a new design for each wireframe, based on the company’s new brand style.

Once we had an agreed design from DCX, the Innovation Visual web development team used the HubSpot CMS to create a series of flexible page templates and modules. Building in this way is the ideal solution to deliver brand and design consistency, as well as maximum flexibility in page structure and layout, not to mention giving the website scalability and growth potential. It also gives the DCX team the perfect balance between carefully controlled branding and effective web pages that perform.

Innovation Visual web development client DCX's website on desktop screen


As the client was rolling out a series of campaigns alongside the website project, the decision was taken to launch phase one of the site first, then work on delivering the remainder of the website in a second phase. We were happy to adjust our plan and schedule to accommodate the client’s needs. We worked with DCX to identify the core areas of the agreed IA and designated them phase one. The remainder of the IA was designated phase two, which was completed and launched within a few weeks of the primary launch.

Website development is just one of the Innovation Visual specialisms, alongside PPC, MarTech, Videography, Content and SEO. It is our SEO specialists that make our website development services especially valuable and effective.

In advance of the primary launch of the DCX website, our SEO team also ran our extensive pre-launch SEO process to ensure that the new website was as ready as possible to be immediately effective in terms of search, visibility and positioning.

Huw Waters, Head of Marketing for DCX, has been delighted with the process of developing the company’s new website, and commented:

“Our new website not only looks great and functions well, but the underlying platform is so much easier to use than our previous one. I’ve been extremely impressed with Innovation Visual’s advice, flexibility, responsiveness, and of course, their Hubspot expertise. They took the time to understand our business, our priorities and objectives, our target audiences, and have become a valued marketing partner over and above their delivery of our new site. I’m looking forward to working with them on future developments.”


Is Your Website an Effective Revenue Delivery Tool?

The Innovation Visual team is experienced at planning, developing and delivering websites that work. We take time to understand the needs of your business and those of your target audiences, allowing us to work with you to create the effective business asset you need to meet your objectives and add value to your proposition.

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