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Meet Kyle - The Latest Member of the Team!

Posted by Kyle Redman on 12-Apr-2021 15:22:41 | 2 Minute Read

Meet-Kyle-New-Team-MemberHey, I’m Kyle Redman and I was fortunate enough to be offered a role to work within the great team here at Innovation Visual, working under the title of Digital Marketing Executive! I’m thrilled to have been given such a great opportunity to enter the world of digital marketing whilst being surrounded by such welcoming and supportive people. I’m excited about the prospect of working in an agency environment and being able to get hands-on experience with the wide range of marketing solutions we offer to our clients.


My Background

I am a recent graduate from the University of Surrey, after studying for a degree in BSc Business Management (Marketing). Throughout all of my academic life I had always been keen on studying and developing my knowledge in business and marketing related areas, so university felt like best path for me. The final few months of my studies saw a dramatic change in structure due to the pandemic, however I believe that this actually helped me faster adapt to the new norms that we now live with.

After graduating I began to work towards further increasing my knowledge and understanding of the marketing world via numerous certifications and online courses, in hopes to give myself the best possible platform to begin my career with. I am a strong believer that sometimes the best way to learn, is to do, so I was left incredibly keen to put all of this knowledge into action – and that’s when I found Innovation Visual!

My First Few Weeks at Innovation Visual

Starting a new job can always feel daunting to anyone, but my first week at Innovation Visual was fantastic. Having a structured process planned out and presented to me from day one was really useful in the calming of any ‘first day nerves’. Within this process was the attendance of virtual ‘Get to Know’ meetings, which allowed me to meet each team member individually and get to know them personally, as well as understanding their role within Innovation Visual. Week one also saw me be introduced to my first few tasks as assigned by my mentor, Helen Murray, who has been incredible in guiding me through each and every step.

Week one flowed smoothly into my second week as I began getting hands-on with even more activities. By the end of week two I had carried out many tasks ranging from optimisation of on-site SEO, to conducting keyword research for a newly onboarded client. One of my favourite parts of my working day whilst at Innovation Visual is their morning and afternoon huddles, where the team will gather for a brief catch-up and discussion – something so simple such as this really goes a long way in making you feel part of a team, especially whilst working from home.

What’s Next?

I will be spending the next few weeks continuing to expand my knowledge and understanding by performing various tasks for our clients, learning the ins-and-outs of all there is to know. As I progress through the upcoming months and further my capabilities, I look forward to whatever new responsibilities and challenges I encounter.

With such a friendly, welcoming and supportive team here at Innovation Visual, I look forward seeing how we grow throughout this year and beyond.

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