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Jani King Launch New UK Website

Posted by Tim on 18-Aug-2016 17:09:49

Jani King, King of Clean logoThe global number one commercial cleaning franchise business, Jani King has launched its new UK website with the assistance of Innovation Visual. We have been working with Jani King for a number of months with leading Hampshire creative agency Mzuri. With Jani King’s UK business growing rapidly Mzuri have been coordinating marketing strategy and execution and as part of that project, Innovation Visual were brought in to bring specialist search and digital marketing expertise to the team.

With a dual focus on providing commercial cleaning services as well as on the recruitment of franchisees, Jani King has been operating since 1969 and is the number 14 franchise business in the world (as listed by Franchise Direct in their Top 100 Global Franchises). With over 60,000 customers across 14 countries, its ongoing success is fuelled by its unbeaten guarantees of business to franchisees and unique Double Check service guarantee that assures contract client satisfaction. .

Previously, the UK Jani King business had been using part of the US website as it’s digital base, however it had out-grown this and required its own site for a variety of compelling reasons. The new UK website follows the visual framework established by the global Jani-King brand, but it is highly optimised for the UK market. The new UK website forms part of the overall marketing programme that includes a range of offline as well as online activities.

SEO & PPC for Jani King

Innovation Visual have worked closely with Jani King and Mzuri to assist in organic search engine optimisation elements of the new website as well as developing and executing Jani King’s paid search strategy. We expect further growth success for Jani King to be fuelled by the new website and the plans to develop it into the future.

Mzuri Design LogoVisit the UK Jani King website to read about franchise opportunities as well as their commercial cleaning services. Information on Mzuri’s creative and marketing talents can be found on their website

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