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Introducing Bark Search - The Inside Scoop on Google Kennel

Posted by Team on 01-Apr-2018 11:26:00
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Do you have a dog who wants to use Google Home just like you? Well now you can, with the introduction of Bark Search. Innovation Visual have got the inside scoop on one of the most significant home automation and digital marketing trends sweeping the tech industry – the growth of Bark Search.

Now Your Dog Can Search Online Too

Until now dogs across the world have struggled to search online and it’s about time that this problem is resolved. Bark Search has been designed to allow your dog to search online at their own free will using nothing but their bark

Bark Search devices like the Google Kennel, the rumoured Amazon Woof and the Apple BonePod, are going to be arriving on the market very soon and will make searching online ultra-convenient for all dogs. It seems that as always that Google have got the jump start on the technology and as Google Partners Innovation Visual have been lucky enough to be able to test one of these devices.


The Benefits of Bark Search

We all lead busy lives, so why not let your dog help you out? A dog knows when their running out of food. With Bark Search your dog can order new food without you having to do anything! Has your dog broken their favourite toy? Well now it can order a new one without even leaving the house.

Bark Search is revolutionising the ways dogs live their lives, giving them the chance to ask serious doggy related questions such as:

  • Where is the nearest cat?
  • Where is the nearest butchers?
  • Why can I never catch my tail?
  • Why do I have to go to the vets?
  • How do humans only walk on two legs?

What Do Dog’s Think of Bark Search?

Poppy with Google HomeThe Innovation Visual team were interested to hear what dogs thought of Bark Search, so we asked our very own office dog, Poppy, to give us her opinion:

“I think it’s about time that there was technology developed to allow us dogs to search on the internet too. I just hope that companies are going to start optimising their websites for Bark Search, so I can order my favourite dog biscuits whenever I want! At the moment I have to roll over or shake paws for a dog biscuit. Bark Search is going to make things much easier!”

Poppy, Head of Security, Innovation Visual

Voice Search for Humans

A staggering 60% of humans have started using voice search in the last year alone, meaning it is incredibly important for companies to start optimising for voice search sooner rather than later.

Voice search is one of the fastest growing digital marketing trends and voice is certainly going to have a growing impact on marketing.

Only time will tell if Bark Search becomes as popular!

Constant Updates to Search

The way people search online, and the way Google returns search results, is constantly changing. Speak to our search engine specialists to find out how to keep up with the changes and make sure that your business is at the forefront of the latest developments to stay ahead of competitors.

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