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Innovation Visual Helps to Transform the Bath Press

Posted by Team on 16-Jan-2018 18:00:07
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Innovation Visual are pleased to reveal that we will be working as part of The Bath Press Development Team.

The Bath Press site on Lower Bristol Road, in the centre of Bath, has stood empty now for a number of years and plans for its redevelopment were authorised in January 2016. The development will soon be underway and will transform this iconic building into a new complex consisting of 244 apartments and houses, as well as 16,000 square feet of office space.

For a development of this scale a number of parties are involved in the project. Sculpture Real Estate are overseeing the management of the development. Jonathan Meier, Director at Sculpture Real Estate, said ‘we will be redeveloping this significant historic site that has stood derelict for over 10 years. The history of the site and the city will come through in the quality of the finished product and will further regenerate this area of Bath.’


cgi of the bath press development entrance 


The Important Role of Social Media Work in the Bath Press Development

Innovation Visual’s role in the project will involve creating and managing the social media throughout the course of the development. The social media channels being used include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and will be an effective means of communicating with the local community and other interested parties. With a project involving such a prestigious development, it will be a good example of how, when used correctly, social media can increase brand recognition and give a business a voice in the public domain.  Social media networks become channels for a company’s voice and give them the ability to share important content with people who have an interest in their activity.

For example, during the Bath Press development, local residents are not only taking an interest in what is happening on this historic site, but are also keen to find out when and why certain activities are occurring. Social media can be used to share content that answers all these questions and provides constant, real time updates as things happen. Social media is also used by people to submit questions and comments, and being active on social media allows us to see these comments and respond to them.


cgi aerial view of bath press development 


Learn More About the Bath Press Development

The Innovation Visual team are certainly looking forward to working on this project. You can keep up to date with information and announcements about The Bath Press Development by following them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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