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Innovation Visual Are Working with Menzies | Award Winning Accountancy Firm

Posted by Alex on 19-Apr-2016 17:09:00

The Innovation Visual team are pleased to announce that we are now working with award-winning accountancy firm, Menzies.

Menzies Accountancy Services

Menzies is a leading accountancy, finance and business advisors in the UK with a network of offices in the UK and Europe. The firm employs over 400 people with annual turnover exceeding £40 million. They provide a number of different financial consultancy services including advice on corporate tax issues, R&D tax relief, international trading, business services, wealth management and more.

Accountancy Magazine described Menzies as the ‘best performing firm outside of the top 10’, proving just how well regarded their services are in a highly competitive industry.Menzies Accountancy Logo

Improving Menzies Search Visibility

As mentioned, providing accountancy, finance and business consultancy is a highly competitive industry, and Menzies have recognised the importance of digital marketing to support their continued growth. Innovation Visual will be providing SEO (search engine optimisation) services for the Menzies website.

Being found online is extremely important. When people want to find something out they will often search for it online and therefore it is important for businesses to show in search results for the terms, or keywords, most relevant to their businesses product and/or service.

Innovation Visual have carried out extensive keyword research to identify search terms to optimise the Menzies website for. Increased search visibility will lead to increased traffic and this in turn increases the chances of securing sales and increasing Menzies brand exposure in the accountancy market space.

Helping Menzies To Help You

The Innovation Visual team are looking forward to helping Menzies improve their online visibility and continue to grow their business with our digital consultancy services. If you are interested in Menzies accounting service then visit their website to find out more.

Contact Digital Marketing Experts

If you would like to find out how the Innovation Visual team can help your business succeed online then please contact our digital consultancy team, who will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your requirements.

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