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INBOUND 2018: The Launch of HubSpot's new standalone CMS

Posted by Pete on 07-Sep-2018 18:13:46 | 2 Minute Read

This week a team from Innovation Visual joined 24,000 other professionals from the digital marketing world to learn about the very latest innovations in Inbound Marketing at INBOUND 2018. Among these, were a suite of new products, as well as refinements to some existing ones, from HubSpot.

Introducing the HubSpot CMSInbound 2018

As leaders in Inbound Marketing HubSpot offer fully integrated marketing, sales and service software to manage clients, data and website content, and one of their biggest announcements this week revolved around their Content Management System. Until now, users wishing to take advantage of the HubSpot CMS were required to purchase a full marketing license. However, it is now all change, with some great news for those that want to make use of this sophisticated content management system.

 Drum roll, please. Introducing the Hubspot’s standalone CMS. A fully integrated CMS and CRM system to engage and connect with customers and to optimise your website for conversions.

This is for all those wanting to build and manage their website in Hubspot without having to buy a full licence. It may not give you all the full capabilities of buying a full package however it does offer some great features.

Why Choose HubSpot’s CMS

With HubSpot’s standalone CMS

you can do ALOT. Here is a rundown of the key features of the product:

  • Content all in one hub; Integration is at the core of this CMS, with the ability to create all your content in one place whether that be blog posts, landing andsite pages, composing emails.
  • Management of content; Produce your content in one place, manage your content in the same place. With Hubspot’s CMS you can optimise your content and track the performance of that content all under one roof allowing you to make changes easily and efficiently.
  • Device Optimization; Don’t sweat the small stuff. Producing great content but struggle with the technical aspects? HubSpot can optimise your content across all devices and even embed security (SSL certificates) to enable a safer browsing experience.
  • Easily Add Calls-to-Action and forms to your website design and interface. CTA's very often provide added value to the customer through wording such as 'start a free trial' or 'download this free white paper.' Both CTA's and forms drive prospects to become qualified leads which is why using HubSpot's CMS to embed to your website is advantageous.
  • Personalised content; Consumers want to feel like they are an individual, not just a number. HubSpot can personalise content based on demographic data, location, language, device and past behaviour and interactions with the brand.

This announcement by HubSpot really is great news for many SMEs or are keen to embrace the benefits of Inbound Marketing but are yet to make the first step. offer some great advantages to build your website and help businesses succeed in meeting marketing and sales objectives increasing user experience and optimizing for higher search rankings.

As a HubSpot partner agency, Innovation Visual help businesses of all size develop their own inbound marketing strategies and take advantage of the significant advantages this type of digital marketing has to offer. To find out more, contact the Innovation Team, today.

This is just one of a number of product announcements HubSpot made at InBound 2018. Learn about HubSpot’s new video hosting platform here. 


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