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New Ecommerce Website Launch for Perdix

Posted by Tim on 12-Jan-2017 19:42:08

Innovation Visual launched its new ecommerce site today for their client Perdix Wildlife Supplies.

Perdix Wildlife Supplies

In just a month our website development team have managed to design and build this new feature-rich ecommerce website for Perdix Wildlife Supplies, from initial planning to delivery and go-live its been a team effort from start to finish.

From Innovation Visual’s initial consultation with the Perdix team to today's launch we have worked with Perdix to develop a digital solution that meet their needs now and into the future. Perdix Wildlife Supplies are one of the leading providers of products into the wildlife management and research space. From innovative tracking cards using vegetable inks through to ear tags being used to protect rare antelope in sub-saharan Africa, their products are synonymous with quality and innovation. As an existing client, Perdix has been working with Innovation Visual on paid search advertising and international SEO. The growth in overseas sales was one of the driving factors behind the investment in the new website.

The website needed to perform on many levels, building on the organic SEO work already undertaken and removing both SEO and usability issues that were identified with the existing Perdix website. The previous site was slow to load, could not handle multi-currency transactions, and wasn't presenting the Perdix brand at the right level visually.  It needed to have a clear interface where customers could easily find products, contain an easy and secure payment gateway with a multi-currency facility (not simply showing products in different currencies but actually allowing payments to be taken in Euros and Dollars) and really important; to score highly on Google rankings across the world. The new eCommerce site is now properly mobile friendly and is working entirely over SSL as this is both a ranking factor and a reassurance factors for customers.

On web launch today Tim Butler's reaction was," It was key we delivered on time and on budget, there was no room for error. I am proud of the team, they have done an outstanding job!" The website is a big upgrade for Perdix and we are sure that it is going to help their continued upward trajectory and growth into more and more markets.

If your are interested in seeing their range of wildlife cameras or VHF radio tracking devices check out their website


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