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Sponsoring The ARC Trust Gala Dinner 2017 - Save Our Amphibian Wildlife

Posted by Team on 08-Nov-2017 14:12:18
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Innovation Visual were proud to sponsor and attend the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) Trust Gala Dinner on the 7th November. The dinner was held at the eco-friendly Green House Hotel in Bournemouth, and hosted by Springwatch presenter Iolo Williams, who was certainly entertaining!

It was a fantastic evening with the highlight being the auction led by Iolo. Innovation Visual's Tim Butler managed to secure the Rattle Snakes of Arizona book, which was beautifully illustrated and signed by the artist attending, Tell Hicks. A big thank you to Tell for signing the book!

arc trust gala dinner presentation

What Do The ARC Trust Do?

We all know about the dangers posed to wildlife in other parts of the world, for example Africa, but we often neglect what is happening to wildlife closer to home. Amphibians and reptiles are under serious threat due to destruction of their habitats, often unknowingly.

The ARC Trust works hard to conserve amphibian and reptiles habitats, alongside raising awareness around the danger these animals are in. The ARC Trust currently owns and manages over 80 reserves across the country!

The charity relies heavily on donations and volunteers to continue and support their conservation work. The purpose of the Gala Dinner was to raise money and awareness, so that the trust can continue its valuable work.

Thank You!

Innovation Visual would like to thank the ARC Trust for organising a brilliant event, Iolo William's for hosting and the Green House Hotel. It was a fabulous night and we know that the money raised will go towards a great course.

You can find out more about the ARC Trust on their website.

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