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Person Centred Software Partner with Innovation Visual

Posted by Zoë on 13-Jan-2022 08:52:00
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We recently launched a new client partnership with Person Centred Software, a leading global care sector technology company. We have been working with Person Centred Software, delivering a range of digital marketing services, for a few months now with encouraging results. Here’s a bit more about Person Centred Software and what we have achieved so far.


About Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software use innovative technology to improve the care management systems used in social care. Their key product is a mobile care monitoring service, consisting of an app in which carers can monitor all care interactions they provide at the point of delivery. The data feeds into a portal where care home managers can access complete, detailed and accurate data about the care they have delivered to any patient in any given period. Find out more about Person Centred Software (PCS). 


Supporting Person Centred Software with Digital Marketing Services

The first phase of our work with PCS involved the implementation of a programme of analyses and audits designed to deliver accurate, usable insights into the areas that required our focus. These were based on our understanding of the client’s challenges, points of friction, target audiences and objectives. The results of this work enabled us to structure our strategy in a way that allowed us to make gains quickly and efficiently while building long-term strategic value from the start.

Geolocation Management

Our initial objective when working with Person Centred Software was to address issues with the geolocation functionality on their site to ensure all visitors were directed to the correct area of the site, dependant on the region they were in. In addition, we also facilitated more effective data capture and analysis by reconfiguring the way the Google Analytics was structured, and installed Google Tag Manager to enable better quality, more accurate insight.

As a result of the successful geolocation and data tracking work, we were able to access cleaner data which allowed us to better research, design and implement an effective digital marketing strategy, specifically for their Australian and UK markets.

Pay Per Click Advertising

As part of our strategy to achieve Person Centred Software’s short term lead generation goal, we have evolved an PPC strategy based on accurate, targeted keyword research. Keyword research is an essential step in a paid search strategy to ensure the campaigns are properly targeted to drive high quality traffic, at an acceptable cost, to the site. In order to achieve target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), our PPC team will maintain a close focus on how the campaigns are performing, in terms of driving traffic and conversions. They will also look to optimise and expand the scope of the advertising to access and capture different target groups using creative targeting and content.

Search Engine Optimisation

Concurrently with the work outlined above we have also researched, developed and begun the implementation of a specific SEO strategy for organic lead generation for PCS. Initially, we completed a full SEO audit of the site, enabling us to identify various issues which we have started working on with the aim of improving the health of the site. Further to this, we completed organic search keyword research and selected initial keywords to track and focus on. These tracked terms serve as indicators of overall organic visibility and will be used as a benchmark against future improvements in rankings.

Innovation Visual's new client Person Centred Software website on laptop

Content Marketing

As part of our SEO strategy, we have also created a detailed content plan which is designed to target all aspects of the buyers journey. This content plan, specifically for the Australian market, was developed using the results of our technical content audit that highlights gaps in relevant content and areas where content is underperforming from an SEO and user perspective. Next steps will include developing a similar data led plan for the UK market. Developing useful, quality content is key to guiding customers and leads through the sales funnel towards conversion, whilst also building visibility, authority and trust with search engines and users alike.


We Can Support Your Digital Marketing Too

We are delighted to be assisting Person Centred Software with their digital marketing efforts and have already seen some great results. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business achieve its goals and objectives, then why not get in touch?

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