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LimitEar Choose Innovation Visual to Make Themselves Heard

Posted by Pete on 27-Nov-2017 16:04:44

We are delighted to announce that hearing protection specialists LimitEar have chosen Innovation Visual to help with their SEO and digital marketing.

With the ever-increasing exposure to processed sound through headphones and earpieces, it is becoming more important than ever for people to protect themselves from the potential damage caused by noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). However, despite the worrying nature of this development, it seems that the true dangers of NIHL are still not being fully appreciated by the millions of headphone users around the world.

To help combat the problem of NIHL caused by headphone usage, LimitEar have developed a range of innovative devices that work seamlessly with headphones and earpieces to control the amount of processed sound to which an individual is exposed. With such an important message to be heard, LimitEar knew that they needed to embrace digital marketing to ensure their products are found online and have therefore turned to Innovation Visual.

 Professional Hearing Protection

LimitEar Logo The main focus of LimitEar’s HDMPro device are those people who use headphones as part of their job. From camera operators to sound engineers, DJs to audio producers, these occupations inevitably involve long, sustained periods of headphone use, which unfortunately means an increased risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss. With this in mind, Innovation Visual are working with LimitEar to develop awareness of their products in the broadcast, music, and audio production industries through both the organic optimisation of their website and targeted paid search campaigns.

To begin the process, Innovation Visual undertook extensive research into the keywords, themes, and topics that are searched for around the subject of hearing protection and hearing loss. Working with LimitEar’s existing website, the Innovation Visual team will then develop a content strategy to optimise the various sections of the site for the target search terms, as well as conducting a full technical SEO audit to identify areas for improvement. The team will also be using their research as the basis for the paid advertising campaigns to help drive high-quality traffic to the site.

The project is now underway and we’re very excited to see how we can use our digital marketing expertise to get these vital messages seen by headphone users everywhere.

Let Innovation Visual Help Get Your Message Heard

To find out more about Innovation Visual and the range of services we provide, visit our online marketing section.


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