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An SEO-focused Shopify website for an influencer-backed wellness brand

In just 4 weeks, our team researched, built and launched a performance-optimised Shopify website for Simone Thomas Wellness.

        • Organic visibility transformed – now ranking for over 20 key search terms
        • 81% increase in organic search traffic in the first month following launch
        • Earned a featured snippet in Google for Ginkgo Biloba for Hair Regrowth
        • 80% increase in traffic (month on month) in the first month following launch

"Innovation Visual have been reliable, effective and easy to work with since day one. From understanding my business and what I needed at the very start, to challenging my understanding of what was required, they have met and exceeded all of my expectations. Since starting work with them earlier this year they have delivered a brand new e-commerce Shopify website as well as the digital marketing strategy and implementation that is already making a big difference to my bottom line. What is most useful for me as someone who is busy and does not always have time to look at everything is that they are the support arm and the experts I need. Their ethos is 'Just The Expertise You Need', and it truly is - it means they keep all my digital marketing balls in the air and running smoothly without me having to constantly monitor and manage everything myself".

Simone Thomas - Owner Simone Thomas Wellness

Simone Thomas is an award-winning health and wellness consultant. She is one of the UK’s leading experts on hair loss, bioenergetics and nutrition. As an influencer in her own right, she hosts a successful podcast, Living Life Well, and owns a chain of salons specialising in managing hair loss.

Her online eCommerce brand, Simone Thomas Wellness, enjoys an excellent reputation in the healthcare supplements industry.

The team at Simone Thomas Wellness had big plans for 2021, with exciting campaigns and ambitious revenue targets in place, but the website they had was lost in search and the customer experience didn’t match expectations. With just weeks to go until the launch of an influencer campaign with UK TV celebrity Jessica Wright, the team at Simone Thomas Wellness needed a website that could capitalise on their new exposure.

By strategically deploying each assigned team at Innovation Visual, we delivered an optimised Shopify experience: ready for a surge in demand, ready to be found for their most talked-about products and ready to meet their future targets.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Website Development 
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO 
  • PPC

The Challenge 

Before we began working with Simone Thomas Wellness, they had a visually attractive website built in WordPress – an open-source CMS – but it simply wasn’t delivering the sales they were looking for. While it remains an excellent platform for building websites, this particular implementation of WordPress and WooCommerce was not an optimised solution for the brand’s needs.

While it looked great on the outside, we discovered that the original website was suffering from a range of technical issues. Content duplication, broken internal links, as well as CSS and JavaScript problems were having a tangible impact on the website’s performance.

That’s not to say that all of the problems with the website were buried beneath the surface. We highlighted frustratingly slow loading times, broken images and a challenging user experience as key factors.

Poor website speed and poor UX are arguably the biggest barriers to conversion – but they also have a knock-on effect for a website’s search visibility.

Almost No Search Visibility

When we ran a rankings report for Simone Thomas Wellness, we found almost no positive results. The website was positioned 4th in Google Search for the name “Simone Thomas”, and the best ranking for a product was position 28 – on page three of Google’s search results. We were quick to identify the main reasons for this lack of search engine visibility:

  • Multiple technical issues
  • Extremely slow website speed
  • Poor search targeting

Even if users landed on the website and waited for it to load, they were met with more frustration.

Although the old Simone Thomas Wellness website was visually captivating, visitors had to actively search the website to find answers to their questions about products, services and benefits. The user journeys had become too complex and did not surface solutions for common conditions that the products can treat quickly enough, which meant there was no clear structure in place to take users from discovery to purchase easily.

Poor user experience emerged as one of the website’s biggest problems to solve. Importantly, it revealed that search targeting was off because the customer journey didn’t have the right content for users at each stage.

The background research stage was essential because it demonstrated the need for a user-first, SEO-focused solution that delivered the right user experience to drive traffic towards friction-free conversion.

Simone Thomas Wellness logo in front of Innovation Visual-built, SEO optimised website on laptop with woman

The solution

We had our project goals: to build a robust, search-optimised website that would reach users in time for the launch of an influencer campaign. That tight deadline was one of the biggest project challenges.

We approached the project tactically and with a plan that had tightly integrated phases, running in parallel between our SEO, content and development teams. While our developers got to work on the platform, our SEO and content teams were busy researching the best way to make an impact in search engines.

This approach allowed us to complete and test the project ahead of the influencer campaign with Jessica Wright, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and ensuring that the website would meet its goals for the future.

Simone Thomas Wellness products on SEO optimised Shopify website built by Innovation Visual on laptop screen

SEO-focus: researching what users want

The SEO team at Innovation Visual carried out deep keyword research, to discover valuable, relevant and realistic search terms to target. Working with the Simone Thomas Wellness team, search terms for conditions were paired with products – taking a problem and solution approach.

This phase was carried out quickly but diligently, with the whole team involved to ensure no opportunity was missed. Using a suite of tools, we gained insight into search demand, competition and how likely we were to achieve a good ranking for each term. We agreed our keyword targets based on the value they would bring to the client and considered alignment with the brand, desirability, attainability and sustainability. Once we had these keyword goals and expectations in place, we were ready to plan the website’s user journey and content around them.

User-first: a structured information architecture

A highly logical user flow and sitemap were developed to meet users at each point of need.

For repeat and knowledgeable customers, the shop is accessible through product categories, individual supplement types and subscription-based care plans and purchases can be made with minimal clicks. For new customers and those beginning a journey to conversion, we created areas for educational resources and a new “Shop by Need” section to help those users find the solutions they are looking for.

Our SEO research showed that people who want products for hair loss, skin conditions and digestion use a variety of ways to find them. It became clear that each kind of search was at a different phase of the conversion funnel: learning about their condition, the causes of it, what solutions are available and how those solutions compare.

So, we developed a “Shop by Need” category that would pair conditions with supplements to combat them, as well as a section entitled “The Science” a research-based, trustworthy, authoritative resource, that would educate users – all targeting common search phrases and linking to key products.

To further aid discovery through search, a content marketing plan was drafted to capture users based on their first experiences, where they can learn about conditions, their causes and how to alleviate the symptoms.

We now had a crystal-clear path for user entry, education and conversion. With a logical user journey in place, we then helped the Simone Thomas Wellness team create search-optimised website copy for these new pages and resources.

All we needed now was a strong platform to showcase it on – and our development team had been working on a high performance solution while SEO research and content creation was underway.

A solid technical platform: Shopify

After talking with everyone in the team and with Simone herself, we collectively agreed that a Shopify website was the best solution. Unlike WordPress, which is a modified blogging platform, Shopify has been designed for eCommerce. As well as detailed stock management and its own secure payment system, it provides fast hosting, CDN, SSL certificates and a simple to use CMS in one place. The Shopify platform also offers a high degree of technical SEO capability, through clean coding and streamlined architecture, with built-in mobile responsiveness. A key benefit of using Shopify was that these features would resolve many of the key technical issues of the old website.

We already had beautiful design assets supplied to us by Simone Thomas Wellness. Our development team was focused on applying an enhanced version of this design to Shopify, building on the user-focused information architecture provided by our SEO team.

Out of the box, Shopify is fast and flexible. Because of the editable theme code, we were able to maintain the website’s attractive design with a significantly reduced development time. By installing Shopify Apps, which are similar to WordPress plugins, the platform can do just about anything: we used them to integrate with HubSpot, for email marketing and CRM, and with Trustpilot for customer reviews.

These apps add a new layer of marketing potential to the website through HubSpot’s powerful marketing tools – and the inclusion of Trustpilot reviews has been enormously beneficial to both search results and user trust signals.

The Simone Thomas Wellness website is now lightning-fast, search-optimised and brimming with a growing archive of user-focused content. It’s performing at a level far beyond the old website, evident in the results achieved, even in such a short amount of time.


See the results for yourself – visit

Our user-first approach has dramatically improved performance for Simone Thomas Wellbeing. From concept to completion, we delivered a solution in just 4 weeks – one that will bring Simone Thomas and her team value for years to come.

The website’s organic visibility has been completely transformed, with rankings for over 20 key search terms in Google. Within one month of the website’s launch, this has translated to an 81% increase in organic search traffic. In addition, we secured a featured snippet in Google for the term “Ginkgo Biloba for Hair Regrowth” – thanks to the information architecture we designed based on our research.

Overall, traffic in the first month increased by 80%, aided by the influencer campaign run with Jessica Wright. This has had a significant impact on sales revenue, which is projected to grow further. Due to our innovative approach and promising early results, Innovation Visual has been appointed to provide ongoing SEO, PPC and paid social support to Simone Thomas Wellness – guiding more users through from discovery to conversion across a growing product range.

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