SMI are a world-renowned specialist manufacturer of pressure moulded cable harness systems, which are used in some of the most hostile and mission-critical environments on (and off) the planet. The systems are designed to withstand severe temperature and pressure challenges and comprise the 'central nervous systems' for critical infrastructure, including ships, aeroplanes, trains and energy generation. Historically, SMI have been focused in the defence industry, however they have also developed an impressive portfolio within aerospace, transport and alternative energy


SMI wanted to evaluate their marketing strategy, in order to more effectively target their ideal prospects. They tasked Innovation Visual with putting their message in front of the right people, who are involved in different levels of buying decisions.

Those targeted would be segmented by specific geographical location. Further more, they would be enlightened as to the specific competitive advantages of SMI's offering. Due to the highly complex and technical marketplace, the level and breadth of educational material presented needed to be specifically created depending on the target group.

The overall business goal was to deliver significant growth from future defence projects, as well as driving demand from other industries including transport, renewable energy and aerospace.


  • Account Based Marketing 
  • Paid Search 
  • Effective Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Strategy & Planning


The importance of precise targeting could not be overstated as the quality of leads was paramount.

Success pivoted around getting SMI's message in front of the correct decision makers as, due to the complexity of the industries in question, these people may only number in the tens or hundreds at most. Metrics included the business development team seeing a measurable improvement in market awareness through the occurrence of two specific key phrases.

The strategy comprised of a powerful combination of effective content strategy, organic search optimisation, paid search, account based marketing, and precise audience targeting with more details on how we executed on this strategy found in the full case study. 


The partnership between SMI and Innovation Visual is long-standing and their digital marketing spend has increased over this time to reflect the significant return on investment which has been evidenced year after year. A huge sign of the direct success of Innovation Visual's work with SMI is that their spending on physical events has decreased significantly, with greater value being evidenced through directing this budget towards digital marketing.

Data doesn't lie and the metrics are rather impressive;

  • 236% increase in number of website users
  • 339% increase in website conversions
  • 785% increase in engagement from social media activity

In addition to these figures, the organic visibility of SMI rose above every other market competitor.

The Innovation Visual team is incredibly proud to be working so closely with SMI and to be able to continue to support their long term goals with our digital marketing expertise.

Client Comments

“ The Innovation Visual team have embedded with our growth strategy and technology in great depth and are able to articulate and deliver both across a range of target markets and clients. They also recognise constraints on internal time resources in a fast paced business and have adapted their service to bridge gaps and achieve our ambitious milestones”

- Jenny Shaw, Sales and Commercial Director

“A great company to work with. Experts in their field. We have been working with them for over 5 years now.”

- Anne-Marie Delaney, Head of Marketing

“The Innovation Visual Team work hand in glove with our own resource, providing just the expertise we need, when we need it. The results speak for themselves, leading to increased engagement between us.”

- Dr Martin Stillman-Jones MBA MSc CEng, Chairman


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