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Target Audience: B2C
Category: Medical Illustration Creative Agency is a growing agency providing medical illustration and visualisation services in 2D and 3D.  We have been working with for several years, having developed a start-up website and initially engaged to work with them on international organic search optimisation. Success in these areas has led to our greater involvement within the marketing of the business, including work on new branding for as well as a new website design, content development and online effectiveness consultancy.

  • Website Design & Development
  • International SEO
  • Website Maintenance
  • International Paid Search
  • Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing

Project Areas

Website design & development 100%
Organic search engine optimisation 100%
Content strategy & development 100%
Online effectiveness consultation 100%
Email Marketing 100% is one of our proudest achievements. This is because we have been the only agency working with and its success and number of customers that has been driven to the site proves that our strategy on organic search engine optimisation was right from the beginning.

Our research in competing for the right organic search terms took the business from stand still to first page on Google and as the business profited we continued to work on highly competitive terms which would have a bigger pay-off. The low budget and therefore the longer long term strategy may have taken a bit more time and patience but it has paid off exponentially.  The site now achieves worldwide number one rankings for a number of its important and relevant keyword target terms for medical illustration.

The Results has gone from a small website representing the business of a sole trader relying very heavily on keeping to a low marketing budget to a thriving agency with more than half of its clients being outside the UK. Its only advertising has been digital marketing and the formula has been primarily organic optimisation, content development with some strategic paid search marketing. This has led to a substantial amount of organic leads from its website and a strong and more stable marketing foundation than paid search alone could have realised. From liaison with the client we realised that an international approach to SEO was going to deliver much greater gains for their business. This increase in revenue achieved has allowed for reinvestment due to the cost savings delivered by obtaining the right traffic from organic search rather than paid search.

The business has achieved its growth targets partly due to its ever-expanding online footprint. now has a very visible presence in relevant organic search results and is mirrored by the achievements within the business in delivering the very highest quality, award winning medical illustration which has seen it become ever more visible within its industry.

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