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We believe that good digital marketing is evidence based and therefore the use of data to guide and measure success is vital for Innovation Visual. We use Needl to get deep data insights from Google Analytics. Innovation Visual are really proud to be the leading agency partner for Needl Analytics.

 Who are Needl Analytics?

Needl Analytics are a SaaS company who have built the ultimate segmenting tool to automate data analysis. Most businesses have limited resource when it comes to data analysis and so have little time to do more than look at the surface information of what Google Analytics can tell them about their business’s online performance. It takes time and experience to be able to get into the segment data. Needl have created a simple automated Virtual Data analyst tool to bring the expertise of segment analysis in an affordable offering. It uses big data techniques to sift through Google Analytics data to find ‘hidden’ segments that are performing better than the rest on your site.  Needl-Analytics-logo

Benefits of using a Needl Analytics partner

We use Needl as part of our suite of data tools to provide our clients with actionable insights to improve their targeting.  By drilling deep and finding their top segments of audience and sources, we can create focused strategies to mine these segments further to provide even higher conversion rates. Our clients have found the predictive tool, which illustrates the potential impact on the business, particularly useful.  We can use Needl to predict how much uplift in conversion value there will be when particular segments are targeted.

Other benefits of using Needl to analyse your data we are have found include:

Automated Analysis

Comprehensive automated analysis of all your Google Analytics data - in one click - uncovering hidden insights that Innovation Visual can use to develop digital marketing strategies that deliver results.

Improved Targeting

Needl finds the best performing segments in all your data. Innovation Visual will then drill down to provide a complete breakdown of where these sessions came from, allowing us to optimise your Ad campaigns for your best segments – saving you time and money.

Free Data Warehousing

Being a Needl Partner gives Innovation Visual access to Needl’s automated Data Warehousing, BigQuery, for those of our clients who want to store their web data in the cloud for deeper analysisData like this can be incredibly valuable and we can help you find your Needl of deep data segments in your Google Analytics haystack!

Bucketed Data

Needl groups sessions together to improve your targeting. Such as: daypart analysis, session frequency, time since last session, and a unique combination of device type/operating system/browser.

Goals & Ecommerce Reporting 

Needl only analyses data against the goals that have been set up in Google Analytics.  We ensure that the goals set up are the most relevant for your business to ensure that you only see the key insights that are relevant to you.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you would like to be able to predict how much uplift in conversion value you would have by focusing on a particular segment, contact Innovation Visual and see how we can use Needl Analytics in your digital marketing strategy to improve your online ROI.

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