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Is Your Website Marked as ‘Not Secure’ by Google Chrome?

The Google Chrome web browser is extremely popular with almost a 55% share of the worldwide internet browser market. This means that when Google release updates for their popular web browser, it is important the digital world takes notice.

In 2018, Google updated to Chrome 68 and it brought about some changes that anyone with a website should be aware of, especially if that website is still using HTTP as opposed to HTTPS.

Not secure chrome warning

What's Wrong With HTTP? 

Since 2017 the Google Chrome browser has been showing users security warnings when sites are using HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and not HTTPS. The reason for this is that the “S” in HTTPS stands for “Secure”. Sites using HTTP do not scramble the data that you enter into a website, whereas any websites using HTTPS will make sure that your data is encrypted to keep it safe from potential hackers.

If a website is using HTTP, then the data inputted by a user is essentially visible as it travels between you and the website. This provides the opportunity for cyber-criminals to intercept the data and steal it.

All HTTP Sites Now Trigger Security Warning

As mentioned, security warnings on Google’s Chrome browser for sites using HTTP is not new in itself, but the Chrome 68 update brought about a significant change.

Previously Chrome had only issued a warning that a site was “not secure” when it was using HTTP if those websites collected passwords or card details. However, since Chrome 68 all websites that are not using HTTP are flagged as “not secure”, regardless of whether they collect password or card details. This is a great development for users as it allows them to decide whether or not to proceed to a potentially insecure website. For sites without HTTPS it is rather more damaging. 

Should Your Site Be Using HTTPS?

With the Chrome 68 update it is more important than ever to make the move to HTTPS. Other popular web browsers such as Safari and Firefox have since taken the same path as Chrome, warning users about security when they visit an HTTP site so it is worth taking a moment to think about the implications of your website being flagged as “not secure”.

A “not secure” warning is very likely to have a negative impact on website traffic and potentially also have an even more limiting effect on online sales and therefore on online revenue.

HTTPS is also a ranking factor in Google search results, meaning that if your website is not using HTTPS, and a competitor is, then your site could fall below them in the search rankings.

If you have a website or your company’s website is yet to make the make the move to HTTPS, then contact the Innovation Visual team. We have successfully migrated a number of sites to HTTPS with our tried and tested process.