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Free HubSpot Portal Audit - Make HubSpot Work Harder For You

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Get The Most Out Of Your HubSpot Portal

HubSpot is an incredibly powerful platform with hundreds of features, integrations and tools across Marketing, Sales, Service and Operations Hubs.

It can be tough to know if everything is set up as well as it should be to get the best from the functionality though. As Platinum HubSpot partners we know how to get the most of your HubSpot portal; from how HubSpot fits seamlessly into your tech stack, or even replaces other tech, to how it simplifies and enhances your daily processes to deliver substantial efficiencies and returns.

Our free HubSpot portal audit will help you do just that. We will review what has already been built in your portal and provide you with actionable recommendations around automation, segmentation, customisation and sales enablement. Whether you’re relatively new to HubSpot or working in an enterprise-level organisation, our audit will uncover inefficiencies, offer new ideas and concepts for improving lead nurture, suggestions for streamlining the sales hand-off process and guidance on how to make better use of your CRM data.


What is Included in this HubSpot Portal Audit & Report?

Every HubSpot portal is unique, from the workflows to custom properties so not everything listed below will be relevant to your organisation. Our approach will be tailored to both your existing system, your objectives as well as your specific business requirements.

Our HubSpot Portal Audit typically includes, but is not limited to:


  • Analysis of your database structure and organisation in line with your needs.
  • Review of active and static lists.
  • Preparation of suggestions to improve the accessibility and value of your data in your sales and marketing efforts

Marketing Hub

  • Assessment of the usage of available, relevant functionality in the hub
  • Assessment of how lead capture functionality is being deployed across the site
  • Review of existing workflows including their effectiveness and functionality.
  • Suggestions for additional workflows for process, sales and marketing purposes.
  • Verification that custom properties have been set up correctly.
  • Review of qualification and scoring mechanisms.

Sales Hub

  • Assessment of CRM set-up in line with defined sales process
  • Review of sales hand-off process.
  • Analysis of current reporting and notification setup.
  • Review of existing pipeline(s) structure.
  • Review of re-qualification and nurture mechanics.

Service Hub

  • Review of Inbox setup including multiple channel connections.
  • Review of existing ticket automation structure and flow.

While HubSpot now offers Operations Hub as well, it is so new it is unlikely to require Audit. However, we are very happy to discuss with you the ways Operations Hub could benefit your business and add value to your inbound sales and marketing. 

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HubSpot Free Audit Process Circular Graphic: Audit, Identify, Fix & Improve, Achieve, MeasureYour Personalised HubSpot Audit Report

Each written report is researched and prepared from scratch by one of our HubSpot experts with a background in digital marketing best practice. The report will summarise our findings and offer advice on ways to address each element in order to get full value, benefit and efficiency from the portal. Our Report aims to be helpful and implementable with practical advice and resources to help. 

Why Is This Audit & Report Free Of Charge?

Typically an audit with report is the first stage of work we undertake with any HubSpot client and it is essential in helping us plan and structure a strategy for our work and priorities going forward. We are offering this audit stage free of charge and without commitment for a short amount of time because, as Diamond HubSpot Partners we are keen to share our skills and experience to get HubSpot users using the platform to its full potential. 



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