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HubSpot's Operations Hub - Everything You Need To Know

What Is HubSpot Operations Hub?

HubSpot Operations Hub is part of the HubSpot family, joining Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub and CMS Hub.

This exceptional tool has been developed to automate and enhance effective customer data management. HubSpot's newest operations software, Operations Hub, was launched on 21 April 2021. It's not often that HubSpot launches an entirely new hub, and certainly not one that brings entirely new functionality and features in the way that Operations Hub does.

In this video, Innovation Visual CEO Tim and HubSpot Team Lead Chris discuss what HubSpot Operations Hub is, what it has been designed to do and how it could be used to streamline your business processes to deliver exceptional efficiency, insight and platform cohesion.

Watch: What is HubSpot Operations Hub and What Can It Do For My Business?

HubSpot Operations Hub has huge potential to deliver unparalleled process automation, data sync and data management functionality, but most exciting are the customisable work and chatbot flow actions that open up limitless possibilities. Just take a look at the concept use cases we've suggested below. 

What Does Operations Hub Do?

Operations Hub, or Ops Hub, is a deceptively simple product but is one of the most robust data quality tools available.

It is designed to make the management of your customer data more efficient and enhance your business process structure. It has three key features:

  1. Enhanced integrations

  2. Data cleansing

  3. Programmable automation

But don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the hub, the power that these three features offer not only takes HubSpot's proposition to a new level, but also says a lot about where HubSpot is heading in the future, in terms of its focus on single point of truth in customer data management, ease of integrations and data sync with other sources of data and data quality automation.

Everything you need to know about HubSpot Operations Hub graphic with Data Sync, Data Quality Management and Programmable Automation

Let's take a look at these three key features and what they really mean for HubSpot users.

Enhanced Integrations with HubSpot Data Sync

In 2019 HubSpot bought PieSync, a dedicated integrations platform that enabled users to connect various elements of their tech stack together. This acquisition quickly led to improved integration options in HubSpot via 3rd party apps and integrations.

HubSpot Operations Hub takes this functionality, ramps it up and integrates it natively into your HubSpot portal. For those that are familiar with the HubSpot > Salesforce integration, you will instantly start to understand the benefit of being able to setup integrations with your existing third party systems, through a user-friendly interface that is designed for marketers and sales teams backed by intuitive and efficient HubSpot workflows.

In other words, with Ops Hub you will be instantly less reliant on developers building custom API integrations and will be able to see your data - whether it's first, second or third party data - sync accurately and seamlessly across your tech stack with minimum set up time or effort. 

Data Sync Use Case Suggestion

Some great use cases would be connecting HubSpot to your ERP system or your eCommerce platform.

In both cases you can choose which data fields you want to sync, and the sync will run in real-time, keeping both historical data and newly created databases up to date with each other. Hubspot's Operations Hub uses data quality automation to manage the whole process in the background automatically, while your teams focus on other, more valuable tasks.

Data Sync brings native integrations for over 100 and counting commonly used apps at launch including:



You can view the full list here.

Data Cleansing with Data Quality Automation

This second feature is a simple one, but one that will save you and your teams hours of painful, manual data cleansing of your customer data.

Typically, businesses manage data cleansing in a very manual way. Often exporting it to Excel to filter, cleanse and update there, using pivot tables and other, usually fiddly Excel features. HubSpot Operations Hub brings the power of the spreadsheet into the platform, but allows you to run these essential data management jobs as automated workflow actions instead.

Whether you're looking to standardise time formats, capitalise names or remove all-caps entries – you can do it easily in the Ops Hub now, automatically and with increased accuracy, reliability and speed.

Programmable Automation

The final killer feature that Operations Hub introduces is programmable actions in workflows and bots. Essentially, they have introduced a new action for automating business processes (that can be used in any object-based workflow or bot flow) which allows users to create custom code actions within a workflow.

Custom coding action in HubSpot workflow

You can feed objects into a workflow as usual and then use a custom code field to create custom actions using JavaScript. The possibilities for this feature are endless and only limited by what you/your teams are able to imagine and code.

Developing Programmable Automations Solutions

If you're not a developer, or don't have access to in-house development resource, the thought of adding coding into a workflow might sound daunting. However, not only can you continue to use all of the user-friendly drag and drop functionality you're used to within workflows, but at Innovation Visual we have in-house specialists who can create the JavaScript custom coded actions for you to tackle more complicated automation tasks. You decide what you need and we'll develop the code to do it.

Programmable Automation Use Cases

We have developed a list of ideas to inspire you to think of ways that Operations Hub might be used to automate processes in your business to increase efficiency.

Obviously, your specific use case and your unique tech stack will define how this versatile feature works for you, however, it is well worth considering the data challenges your team face and how this tool could be used to solve them.

Lead Assigning

Assigning leads using more advanced or condition-based rules than the standard lead rotate action. Perhaps you would like to assign based on performance, sector or in alpha order? Maybe incorporate escalations and value assumptions to weight leads for assignment?

Writing calculated values to custom properties

Generating new values based on calculations and writing these to custom properties - this active use of data means that new data can be generated, monitored and used to define other processes, for example enhanced lead scoring based on data from multiple sources.

Date calculation

Calculating dates in the future based on existing date-based properties - perhaps you'd like to set task reminder dates for your teams to start a renewal process 120 days before contract ends, for example. This feature can calculate that data and automatically create a reminder to go to the relevant person at the relevant time.

Randomising contacts for A/B testing

Randomisation ensures that your test results are truly accurate and a real reflection of the breadth of your data segment.

Extracting value from all your data sources

Enriching an object using an external data source - creating a true 'single source of truth' for your operations teams to work from.

Automated updates to external platforms

Update external platforms based on an action in HubSpot - for example, lead nurture. Should a prospect complete a tracked action, that can be tracked in HubSpot and should it meet the requirements of the relevant workflow, that action will trigger an event to push data.notification to the external platform to update records/lists there.

Advanced deal automation

Enhanced deal automation including customised renewal processes and owner assignment as well as automations for progression stages that might cover invoice creation, signed documentation etc.

Hubspot Operations Hub graphic of elements

If you'd like to enquire about obtaining Operations Hub for your business, please do get in touch and we will help you find the right solution for your needs.

What Operations Hub options are there?

HubSpot Operations Hub is available from HubSpot as part of a variety of package options that include different combinations and level of sister hubs.

Whilst Ops Hub can be purchased as a stand-alone hub (alongside the free CRM) we do not recommend it. Ops Hub's value and efficacy lies in the power it delivers as part of the HubSpot Ecosystem. It should be seen as a powerful set of tools that work alongside Marketing, Sales or Service Hub depending on the focus of your business requirements.

Some of the Ops Hub tools are available in a free version and will therefore be available for all users including those using the free CRM tools.

If you think Operations Hub might be the solution for you, drop one of our experts a line here, we'd be delighted to talk it through with you.

Operations Hub Packages

HubSpot Operations Hub is available at different price points depending on the requirements of your business, the results you are looking for and the specific processes you want to manage.


Operations Hub - Free

As mentioned above, there is a free set of tools available to all users. This includes HubSpot Sync allowing two-way data sync using the default field mappings.

Operations Hub - Starter

The Starter package enables custom field mapping for your integrations. This really opens up the possibilities and enables mapping data fields from your existing platforms and systems to custom properties in HubSpot.

This tool level is charged at £40 per month/£467 per annum (when paid annually in advance) Prices correct as of 28 March 2023

Operations Hub - Professional

The Pro tier introduces the programmable automation as well as the data cleanse functionality, making this the obvious choice for those looking to build out custom workflows with custom coded actions and data quality actions.

This tool level is charged at £630 per month/£7560 per annum (when paid annually in advance) Prices correct as of 28 March 2023

Operations Hub - Enterprise

Suitable for Enterprise level businesses with large data sets. Operations Hub Enterprise offers all the features of Ops Hub Pro but also includes data set creation, advanced data calculations and prep, field-level reporting, advanced permissions and custom objects, single sign on and sandboxes.

Operations Hub Bundles - CRM Suite

The Operations Hub is also available as part of the CRM Suite Starter, Pro and Enterprise packages which bundle the hubs together with varying, often significant, discounts compared to purchasing specific hubs separately.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about HubSpot or Operations Hub specifically, which option is right for your business, or how you can add Operations Hub functionality to your existing portal; then reach out to us today and we will happily walk you through the options, functions and different pricing options available.

Innovation Visual are also accredited HubSpot Onboarding Partners, which mens HubSpot themselves have certified us for our skills in onboarding businesses to the HubSpot platform.

Next Steps

Get in touch with us here and start getting more value out of your data with Operations Hub today.