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How to Facilitate Growth in Sales team Performance

A truly efficient sales process requires marketing and sales efforts to be tightly aligned and internal sales processes to be streamlined, timely and efficient. That much isn’t news to most revenue and sales professionals. However, too many sales teams are pushed to perform, without the tools they need to achieve their targets. Have you ever considered whether your current tech stack provides the automated features necessary to allow your sales teams to use their time in the most productive way, or are they caught in an endless loop of manual administration? Perhaps you find that it is unable to effectively deliver a data-led, accessible view on your business operations as a whole?

If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, your company is probably wasting precious time and money in work that could be automated and made more efficient, at the same time. With the right tech stack your sales teams could become both more productive, deliver better results and manage greater volumes of work, without the need to increase headcount.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of adopting a dedicated sales CRM like HubSpot’s Sales Hub to bring alignment to your marketing and sales departments and empower your sales teams to perform at their best.


What is HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is the intuitive and flexible all-in-one tool designed to streamline your sales processes in the most efficient way possible. It provides businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Enterprise level organisations with the critical features needed from a sales focused CRM to drive more sales.

From email templates to automation for outreach, follow-up, and task assignment, you will find that Sales Hub gives you a wealth of resources to track and optimise your sales team's performance while keeping track of potential deals throughout the buyer's journey.

Whether your business goals are related to lead generation or increasing the revenue of your eCommerce website, HubSpot Sales will provide you with all the features you need to accelerate your sales performance.

Screenshot of HubSpot Sales Hub Deals

Screenshot courtesy of HubSpot


Why consider HubSpot Sales Hub

Depending on the scale and scope of your business, your company might be using different approaches to manage sales operations. For instance, if your company is relatively new it is common to still be using a simple spreadsheets to manage sales leads at all stages of the funnel. On the other hand, if your business is already well-established, you are more likely to have adopted a CRM platform such as Zoho or perhaps Pipedrive.

All the above-mentioned are great CRM options. In fact, those platforms provide a lot of the same features as HubSpot. However, the value that sets HubSpot Sales Hub apart from the rest is the seamless integration it facilitates between your sales, marketing and service teams and the ‘single point of truth’ it delivers across your organisation.

If you have experience using HubSpot Marketing Hub to manage marketing activities, you’ll probably be familiar with many of this platform’s killer features including automating internal processes, reporting and lead management etc. Sales Hub allows you to bring the same capabilities to your sales department while having a single source of truth to visualise the entire buyer's journey from beginning to end. In essence, HubSpot allows you to align your teams around the same data, systems and processes; avoiding issues with integrations and duplication of internal process across multiple platforms.

Screenshot of HubSpot Sales Hub pipeline

Screenshot courtesy of HubSpot


How does HubSpot Sales Hub Enable Your Team?

Better Alignment of Internal Teams

Having a single, integrated platform for your marketing and sales departments ensures better and easier handling of leads across the entire customer journey, including lead nurture, qualification, sales-hand-off and sales automation. On the other hand, a central place to look at your team's performance gives you a holistic view of your operations to better address any gaps that could prevent your organisation from hitting its target revenue.

Better Data Flow

If you have a CRM, at this point, you could be thinking, "I can simply integrate HubSpot CRM with my sales CRM" - and you are technically correct. Although, even if HubSpot's CRM offers direct integration with your current platform, nothing beats the efficiency and practicality of having tools that natively talk with each other in real-time.

When data flows seamlessly between departments and prospects and customer information is gathered centrally, your organisation can better service your potential and existing clients. As a result, your sales team will close more deals and your organisation will be able to spend more time engaging with and nurturing your existing customers.

Better Lead Management Across The Entire Customer Journey

Bringing sales into HubSpot helps you take your business intelligence and process automation to the next level as it completes the flywheel of the inbound methodology, which focuses on delivering the right message to the right people at the right time, always.  

hubspot flywheel

Effective marketing teams use HubSpot’s Marketing Hub to attract and nurture leads and Sales Hub to engage with prospects and current clients throughout their lifecycle. Having your contacts stored in one place allows you to leverage explicit and behavioural data captured in real-time through your channels and touchpoints and give your sales department the necessary signals to continue moving deals. 

Better Attribution Reporting 

Solid attribution reporting is vital to track the KPIs that influence your company's success. By adopting an integrated platform that incorporates sales and marketing, it gives you a better understanding on the overall performance of your campaigns from the moment contacts enter your pipeline as leads until they become customers and beyond.

With a central report in HubSpot for your marketing and sales you will know exactly what marketing sources are the most valuable to your business, by evaluating not only the volume of leads, but the closing rate for each channel and the individuals responsible for closing those deals.

This approach of combining your marketing and sales operations into a single entity is often referred to as RevOps, a strategy or department within your organisation that can help you align your teams, systems and data to help drive revenue. Find out more about RevOps here.

top-view of sales team aligned by CRM

Interested In Learning More About How HubSpot Sales Hub Can Enable Your Sales Team? 

Let's have a conversation, our team of HubSpot specialists can help you implement and make the most out of the different HubSpot Hubs available to your business. We are a Diamond HubSpot Partner based in Surrey and a leading HubSpot agency in the UK. 

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