eBay Ad Manager Partner Agency


eBay is known the world over for its ability to connect millions of buyers and sellers internationally. The platform succeeds in empowering people and creating opportunity for all, whether global brands, start-ups or small local businesses.

What is eBay Ad Manager?

eBay Ad Manager is eBay’s answer to paid advertising across their platform - encouraging sales across one of the world's largest and most diverse marketplaces. This paid advertising platform is available to service-based SMEs in the UK and allows them to place Ads on eBay's website, next to products which are related to the advertiser’s business. This allows your products and services to be promoted to relevant audiences that can have a number of benefits including increased traffic to your site and sales.

What it Means to Be an eBay Ad Manager Partner

Innovation Visual are proud to be a UK eBay Ad Manager Partner Agency. We are one of the very first to be awarded this status and are pleased to be pioneering eBay as a marketing channel for our clients. Partner status is given to agencies who have demonstrated their thorough knowledge and understanding of the eBay consumer and the unique advertising benefits that the eBay platform can provide. As an eBay Ad Manager Partner, we have proven in-depth skills in using the eBay Ad Manager platform which we use to achieve our clients’ goals.

eBay Ad Manger Partner Badge


We are immensely proud to be one of the few agencies to hold the eBay Ad Manager Partner badge.

Benefits of using an eBay Ad Manager Partner

The team at Innovation Visual are fully trained in using eBay’s Ad Manager booking platform and the available consumer targeting and ad placement options. So, you know that when you work with us, you have experts on your team.

Other benefits of working with an eBay Ads Manager Partner include:

High Conversion Rates

Move leads quickly through the buyers’ journey by advertising to them where and when they are already in a buying frame of mind. Funnelling users to eBay’s high-converting landing pages can really improve conversions. eBay currently boasts 23 million unique users and it reaches 41% of the UK population. Targeting these potential customers on eBay means that you get the advantage of eBay’s insights into their customers experiences and behaviours and give you an increased return on investment. Innovation Visual are experts in precise targeting, and we can help you to develop buyer personas to really nail down the demographics of your ideal audiences to make sure your ad is put in front of those people who are most likely to convert.

Track, Analyse & Optimise

The eBay portal provides intuitive tools and comprehensive reports, which deliver the rich, granular data you need to understand, manage, and improve your results. Innovation Visual’s experience and breadth of knowledge allows us to break down and analyse how this information works for you and your business in the wider vision of your website and also your business’s goals and additional campaigns.

Monitor Performance

As experts in all areas of digital marketing, the Innovation Visual team are ideally placed to track your campaigns using eBay’s online reporting tools as well as a variety of off platform tools to ensure you are getting the best return on your ad spend.

Access to Latest Training Resources

Innovation Visual Staff receive up to the minute online eBay Ad Manager training to ensure we remain experts on this platform. We then utilise this expertise in creating the best converting ads for our clients. There is also a huge range of information presentations, related to advertising, on eBay and a library of blogs and learning resources.

Direct Access to eBay

Our Team has direct access to eBay support through our account manager. This means if you have any queries, you don’t have to wait days for a reply to our email or wait in line on the phone, simply put your question to us and we can enquire on your behalf.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you would like to find out how to utilise eBay’s innovative platform to enhance your paid campaigns, contact Innovation Visual and see how we can use eBay Ad Manager in your digital marketing strategy to improve your return on ad spend.