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Explaining SEO to your stakeholders - A beginners' guide

19-Dec-2023 09:11:48 | 5 Minute Read

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the action of optimising your website and web pages to improve their online visibility. By following certain best practices, you can improve your online rankings for certain keywords in order to attract more relevant organic traffic through search engine results pages. If your website answers users’ queries well, you can then turn this traffic into leads and hopefully, paying customers.

Learn about the fundamentals of SEO in this simple guide for beginners. It is designed for Marketing Managers and CMOs to share with stakeholders so they can better understand what SEO is and why it's important to invest resources in it.

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Engaging your audience among GenAI noise

04-Dec-2023 09:44:40 | 4 Minute Read

Generative AI (GenAI) is a concept that is having a huge impact on the marketing industry, affecting everything from the volume of content produced, to concerns over quality. Marketers and businesses alike are seeing major repercussions on the content that is being produced online, across a range of sectors, thanks to the ease with which content can be generated - according to the stats, demand for content grew by 1.5x in 2023 alone.

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Google's EEAT Guidelines - How To Remain Compliant

30-Nov-2023 13:25:04 | 4 Minute Read

In the world of content, Google is king - and it is imperative that businesses remain compliant with its ever-evolving search engine algorithm, especially as Google releases core updates. These form a crucial element of SEO, and businesses need to ensure that they understand what these updates are, and the impact that they can have on business success and online visibility – as well as tips on how to meet the required standards.

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Customers Aren’t Just For Christmas

30-Nov-2023 12:49:27 | 7 Minute Read

The cooler months may see the temperature drop, but things are heating up in the retail and B2C world: consumer demand for goods and services sees a serious skyrocket in popularity, as customers get ready for the gift giving of the festive season. Black Friday and Christmas both offer incredible opportunities for businesses to form new connections, make impressive sales, and watch their profits soar - this really is a time of harvest for those who know how to make the most of the seasonal rush.

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Jeremy Hunt visits the Innovation Visual Office to talk about Artificial Intelligence

16-Nov-2023 10:25:24 | 3 Minute Read

AI is a topic at the forefront of any conversation about digital marketing, with discussions exploring excitement about its possibilities, questions about its limitations and, in some cases, concerns about its implications. This is a form of technology that is becoming increasingly prevalent in day-to-day life, including places of work.  AI technologies such as generative AI – where systems can create text, images and videos based on prompts that are entered in the software – will have a massive impact on the way that businesses operate, and 2023 has seen a rapid increase in discussions and advancements within this space. Not only is there a lot of discussion about embracing these powerful technologies but Government is involved to both promote and regulate.

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Why is it hard to demonstrate the value of paid campaigns in B2B businesses?

13-Nov-2023 22:22:19 | 6 Minute Read

“Digital marketing is all attributable, isn’t it?”  That’s what the CEO asks, but the reality is more complicated, especially in B2B settings. Changes in the more than a decade of doing paid campaigns for B2B businesses mean that being able to say spending X got you Y is harder now than ever. But why?

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