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Finalists in the European Search Awards 2020!

Posted by Jo L.S. on 23-Apr-2020 11:37:44 | 4 Minute Read

Innovation Visual have been shortlisted in the European Search Awards for 2020! Our team are incredibly proud to have been selected as finalists for the Best Small Integrated Search Agency category in these prestigious awards.


What are the European Search Awards?

The European Search Awards are held by We Are Search and celebrate the very best in PPC, SEO and Content Marketing from across Europe and around the globe, as there are different awards for the geographical areas. The awards look to acknowledge and reward the best people, teams, campaigns and agencies in the search industry.


These awards are highly competitive and attract hundreds of entries from leading professionals and agencies who are delivering campaigns in Europe. Simply getting to the finals is a huge achievement!

The two stage judging process is conducted by a panel of industry experts who are not themselves allowed to enter so to ensure a rigorous and fair process.

Our Nomination for Best Small Integrated Search Agency

Innovation Visual has been identified as a finalist in the category of Best Small Integrated Search Agency, which welcomed applications from smaller teams using a variety of strategies to get the best results from their campaigns, including paid, organic and content. We are up against 6 other agencies in our category, and very are confident in our chances.

We highlighted several success stories to support our submission.

ABM Campaign

Our client, Applaud Solutions, required an increase in quality leads from a highly targeted B2B segment. We used job titles and function targeting available in the LinkedIn advertising platform, as well as optimised HubSpot contact lists to target individuals of the correct seniority, industry and company size. We further narrowed the targeting to those who were likely to be most receptive to our messaging.

From the start it was important to be as select as possible with the audience segmentation, whilst not unnecessarily restricting the volume.

Technically implementing this campaign was a particular challenge as not only did we need a range of platforms to work together seamlessly (HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Ads and LinkedIn), but we also needed to create a huge range of UTM parameters and audiences in order to target all the users we wanted. We also needed to segment these audiences as much as possible in order to provide the most relevant content dependent on industry and various other factors. This allowed us to utilise the data we had to the best effect and better understand which of the numerous paid campaigns were truly performing the best. We were also able to have a higher level of confidence in the data thanks to the specific targeting and the integration between the platforms.

As a result of our work, the ABM campaigns received a significant uplift in both the quality and volume of leads, with a 10x increase in the number of leads generated per month, compared to the previous 6 months.

Paid Search Campaign & Website Rebuild

We work very closely with the local and international charity, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation who required help with their fund-raising efforts. Whilst their website was visually appealing, it lacked in some areas from a digital marketing perspective.

We ascertained the most effective use of our donated time would be analysis of the current search activity, primarily paid search, and conversion optimisation. We also suggested that we include training and mentoring of staff in digital marketing to up-skill the internal team to allow them to do more on a day-to-day basis. We also decided that we could support the charity further by helping to rebuild their website, free of charge, ensuring precise optimisation and helping with the vital ongoing work of this brilliant organisation.

Google had provided a Google Ads grant and we used our extensive experience to thoroughly optimise this account and squeeze the maximum value out of the money that was allocated to the account each month.  We improved CRO to make it easier for visitors to complete key actions that would help the fundraising objectives. We provided advice on how to target more specific keywords within an ongoing search engine optimisation strategy and also improved onsite content to improve their organic visibility further. To support them going forwards, we provided training on executing an efficient content strategy to improve visitor engagement and organic search

As a result of our work, conversion rate increased more than 10x which is a leap in revenue of 63% - all without increasing their time or financial investment. Bounce rate has fallen by 50% and paid traffic’s average session duration up more than 600%!

The statistics are impressive but what this really means is that thousands of pounds more have been raised for their cause.

Paid & Organic Search Campaign

Our initial success in increasing volume, quality of leads and brand awareness, whilst reducing costs, for our international SaaS client Unily, resulted in us being asked to design and implement a strategy to maximise ROI and revenue generation.

A combination of short to medium term quick impactful paid search campaigns, overlaid with longer term gains in organic search in the form of content strategy.

in the case of international SEO content was produced in the applicable language for the target audience.

This heavily integrated strategy meant that our client, who previously was heavily reliant on paid search marketing to drive traffic and leads, now relies on PPC for less than 10% of visitors to their website, the vast majority being a result of organic search. They now have worldwide number one rankings for their key target terms.

What this Means for Us

Being recognised as the Best Small Integrated Search Agency would mean a lot to the team, who are the heart of everything we do and the reason we have grown consistently year on year in terms of our client base, turnover, profit and digital marketing expertise. We are immensely proud of our work and our clients are very vocal in their praise of the company which is a great testament to our team’s commitment and dedication to delivering the best possible results. We always aim to go above and beyond to build relationships as well as business results for ourselves and our clients, no matter the circumstances, which is especially important in such challenging times.

What this Means for You

Through integrations and audience management in Google Analytics, we can combine the best targeting options from multiple platforms to deliver the best results possible to our clients. Our use of segmentation and looking at the setup of all our campaigns and creatives, as an opportunity to test and learn is also a testament to our ethos of data first advertising. The client results generated by Innovation Visual are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team of multi-skilled and passionate digital marketeers.

See you in Bucharest!

The winners will be announced at the gala awards ceremony held at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania on Thursday 3 September 2020. We really hope to see you there! In the meantime, get in touch with our talented team to see how we can help develop your digital marketing strategy.

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