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Working with - ETC Hospitality

Posted by Jo L.S. on 29-Nov-2019 13:00:00 | 2 Minute Read

Innovation Visual are pleased to announce that we are now working with ETC Hospitality to provide ongoing digital marketing services.

About ETC Hospitality


ETC Hospitality provides bespoke accountancy services to the hospitality industry, including restaurants, pubs, hotels and bars amongst others. No matter the size of the business, ETC can develop a unique package to cover a range of services such as basic bookkeeping, payroll or full accountancy services - including year-end accounts and Financial Director consultancy where requested.

Providing Digital Marketing Services for ETC Hospitality

ETC Hospitality’s business growth has been largely organic, fuelled through word of mouth and personal recommendation, and they now understand the important in taking a more proactive approach to marketing and obtaining quality, qualified leads in order to fuel the growth of the right type of clients. Innovation Visual has developed a digital marketing strategy with the intention of executing this as an aggregated team to ensure that resources are best employed to deliver results by using our expert guidance.

Website SEO

No discernible search engine optimisation work has been done on the website, either at development stage or since. The Innovation Visual team will implement this work, to include technical and off-page optimisation. We will also look to increase the number of inbound external links to affirm and increase the authority of the website and make it stand out against competitors. These methods will help to build authenticity, trust and position ETC Hospitality as an authority within the industry.

Paid Search Campaigns

Highly targeted paid campaigns will be created with the business needs in mind. As a partner agency of both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, we are well positioned to devise a Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy that considers the complex and differing targeting options available on each interface.

Success in paid search for ETC Hospitality will be the delivery of predictable numbers of sales enquiries based on the investment in the ad spend each month.

Content Strategy

The innovation Visual team will develop a content marketing strategy to deliver business results high quality and targeted content, each with customer personas in mind. The aim of this is to increase engagement by providing helpful and valuable content, and so building a relationship with leads. this inbound marketing strategy means that, when the time to purchase has been reached, a level of trust and authority has already been achieved and ETC Hospitality comes to the front of mind.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is at the heart of online business growth. It is the way of ensuring you are maximising every potential lead and converting as many as possible into customers. CRO takes into account the customers website journey and Innovation Visual will work to enhance their journey and improve the overall User Experience (UX).

Get in touch with Innovation Visual

Innovation Visual are delighted to be working with ETC Hospitality and are excited to help them reach their business goals. If you would like to find out how we transform results for your business, contact our expert digital marketing team.

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