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Serene Homes Partner with Innovation Visual

Posted by Ellen Ambrose on 20-May-2021 15:56:50
Ellen Ambrose
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We are delighted to share that we have recently started working with property management company, Serene Homes. Whilst we are always delighted to welcome new clients onboard, we are particularly excited to be working with Serene Homes becuase we are office neighbours! We have been working with James and his team for short amount of time so far but have already delivered some very encouraging results. 

Serene Homes

Serene Homes are cash house buyers and offer an excellent alternative to estate agents, allowing vendors to sell their homes in as little as 7 days. They purchase houses in any condition and in any area without the need for viewings. Serene Homes assist their clients throughout the selling process and can even offer guidance with the removals process.Serene-Homes-and-Innovation-Visual

Supporting Serene Homes with Digital Marketing Services 

Over the few months that we have been working with Serene homes we have implemented a variety of strategies to improve their overall digital marketing results. In analysing the position of the company we elected initially to focus on PPC, SEO and website optimisation, here's a bit more about what have been doing for them and what we've achieved so far.

Paid Advertising

Our main focus whilst working with Serene Homes has been to develop well-targeted paid advertising campaigns to deliver high quality traffic to tailored landing pages on the site.  Our aim has been to increase conversion rates as well deliver a higher rate of Return On Investment (ROI). This is primarily being achieved by focusing on high intent keywords leading to increased ROI. We are also ensuring greater relevance on the ads that users see, which has the added benefit of delivering increased quality scores and so lowering bids for top of page positions, which in return will lead to a greater ROI for Serene Homes.

Search Engine Optimisation

Whilst PPC is great for boosting short term lead generation, we have also been implementing a medium to long term organic search strategy. By completing keyword research and identifying the specific terms vendors are searching for, we have ensured the right content is available to improve SEO and so deliver consistent, good quality organic traffic to the site over the long term. 

Website Optimisation

In addition to work on PPC and SEO, we have also worked with Serene Homes to optimise their website, including some elements of web development to improve usability and UX (User Experience). With the Google Core Web Vitals Update looming we are also working to improve site speed and interactivity, essential in keeping visitors engaged and in improving conversion rates.

Recently, we have also worked with this client to create a video introducing Serene Homes and the service they provide. The video has been added to their site and YouTube channel as a means of enriching the experience offered to site visitors and improving visibility for the brand.


We have already seen some dramatic results in the short time we have been working with Serene Homes. Over 300 leads have been generated from PPC at an average cost per conversion, surpassing the client's target for the period.

In the last month, Serene Homes have seen conversion rates of 8.41% and click through rates of 4.62%, which are both well above the industry average. These results have been achieved against the odds in a highly competitive housing market.

Testimonial from Serene Homes

In the video above James Black, Director of Serene Homes, shares how Innovation Visual have helped to generate over 300 leads in less than 6 months, from targeted paid campaigns alone.

We Can Help Your Business Too

We are thrilled to be working with Serene Homes and we are looking forward to helping their business grow further with our strategic digital marketing services. If you would like to find out how we can transform your digital marketing strategy and drive better results, then contact us today and let's talk about what we can do to help you achieve your objectives.

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