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Google AdWords is now Google Ads: What does it mean?

30-Jun-2018 16:14:00 | 3 Minute Read

Today it was announced that Google AdWords, the backbone of most people’s paid search programmes, is being renamed/rebranded to Google Ads. It’s a nice logo redesign and is certainly more modern, but more importantly, does this have any inherent importance to you as an advertiser? We think it does.

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What you learn as a Hubspot sales LION: It's not about selling it's about helping.

22-Oct-2017 14:10:46 | 4 Minute Read

Dublin is a fine city and I have had good times there, but last week it was about work and certainly not about play, especially as I wasn’t feeling too good. However, it was still very memorable.

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Sponsored by IV - Phoenix Goodman Competes in Austria

31-Jul-2017 13:12:00 | 2 Minute Read

The Austrian Open,Tae Kwon Do - 2nd to 5th June 2017

Phoenix Goodman, Sponsored by Innovation Visual, Competes in International Competition in Austria

Tae Kwon Do Rising Star

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Google Instant is Gone in an Instant

27-Jul-2017 15:36:20 | 2 Minute Read


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We have moved... again!

03-Jul-2017 10:15:52 | 1 Minute Read

In line with our rapid growth Innovation Visual have moved offices again. Although we loved our offices in Eashing and enjoyed co-existing with the BrightStarr team the rapid growth of both companies meant that space was becoming very tight. With Innovation Visual taking on more clients and staff and BrightStarr's Unily Cloud Intranet Solution taking off globally more square footage was needed.

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IV are Silver Corporate Supporters of the ARC Trust

26-Jun-2017 16:34:59

We are proud to have become Silver Corporate supporters of the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust. The ARC Trust, as they are also known, undertakes vital work in the conservation of the UK's reptiles and amphibians through a variety of programmes. We became aware of them through their work close to our offices, and on Tim's offroad bike commute, in Witley Common. Their work in Surrey on the sandy common lands is really important in protecting lowland heathland that is home to species such as the smooth snake and the rare sand lizard (Lacerta agilis).

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