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How to bid on competitor terms for Paid Search

08-May-2018 12:33:14 | 4 Minute Read
BrightonSEO April 2018 was once again a success. I came back with lots of ideas and tips from talented digital marketers from across the world! One talk that inspired me was given by Duane Brown, founder at Take Some Risk Inc. in Canada. He demonstrated how bidding on competitor terms can be great for brand awareness and showed how this strategy worked very well for one of his clients in the FinTech industry. 
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Innovation Visual Help PedalCover Bike to Success

15-Mar-2018 17:30:50 | 2 Minute Read

The Innovation Visual team are pleased to work with PedalCover, an award winning, combined home and bike insurance provider based in Swansea.

With a couple of very keen cyclists in the Innovation Visual office, who are customers of PedalCover themselves, there is certainly a lot of excitement amongst us about working with PedalCover.

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Google allow users to mute remarketing ads – Is remarketing dead?

12-Feb-2018 11:02:02 | 3 Minute Read

Google recently announced that users can now decide to mute remarketing ads . By going into their Google account settings, they can see which websites have added them to a remarketing list and decide to mute them, so they won’t see ads for 90 days. Does this mean remarketing is dead? I don’t think so.

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Helping French Talent Management Consultancy, Cubiks, Grow Their Business

15-Jan-2018 09:18:41 | 2 Minute Read

The Innovation Visual team is excited to announce that we have been chosen by Cubiks France, a talent management consultancy, to help them with their SEO and grow their business through digital marketing.

Cubiks provide companies with innovative talent selection and management solutions to identify and develop existing talents, as well as recruit more efficiently.

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Virtual Reality is Here – Diverse Interactive Choose Innovation Visual

06-Dec-2017 13:56:00 | 2 Minute Read

The Innovation Visual team are pleased to be working with Guildford based VR, AR and MR agency, Diverse Interactive.

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Are You Using Last Click Attribution In AdWords? Stop Now!

27-Nov-2017 12:23:37 | 5 Minute Read

You must have heard it a thousand times: today’s customer journey is more complex than ever. When searching online, people use multiple touchpoints and devices before making a decision. Think about it, have you ever booked a holiday in one setting and on one device? Highly unlikely.

Google know it and that’s why they’ve developed more tools to help you understand what your customers are doing and provide them with help every step of the way. So how can attribution help you achieve this?\

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