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Scommerce Mage Working with Innovation Visual

Posted by Tim on 22-Mar-2019 11:07:00 | 1 Minute Read

We are proud to confirm that we are now formally working with the talented Scommerce Mage team to boost their paid and organic search engine results as well as collaborating on the provision of Magento websites.

Who are SCommerce Mage?

Scommerce Mage are a leading Magento ecommerce development agency with offices in Surrey UK and New Delhi, India. The founders of Innovation Visual and Scommerce Mage go back many years and have collaborated in an informal way on many previous projects. However, the relationship has now been solidified and Innovation Visual will be recommending to all clients looking for a Magento eCommerce platform to engage with the Scommerce Mage Team founded by husband and wife Sagar and Shivani Nayyar.

More than just Magento development - Magento Extensions

Scommerce Mage have built a very strong reputation for eCommerce development on the Magento platform and while much of their work comes from building Magento sites, or sorting out those that have not been built well by others, they are now also significant players in the Magento Extensions market. The range of extensions they provide includes a range of SEO extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2 also. The team here at Innovation Visual have been able to apply these SEO extensions to client websites with excellent results. Their expertise in building highly effective extensions for the Magento Platform has been recognised by the whole industry including winning an Award from the Magento organisation.

Strategic Partnership for better eCommerce Results

The fundamental premise of the strategic tie up between Innovation Visual and SCommerce Mage is to improve clients’ ecommerce results. For those larger eCommerce stores that require the sophistication and configuration that the Magento Platform allows having the excellent development and support skills of Scommerce Mage paired with Innovation Visual’s digital marketing expertise will accelerate growth and results.

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