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Innovation Visual Team Attend Google Partners Celebration Party

Posted by Oktawiusz on 16-Sep-2016 16:55:17

We always knew it was awesome to be a Google Certified Agency, but now we know just how good it really is. As one of the top digital marketing agencies across the United Kingdom, the whole Innovation Visual team were invited to take part in the Google Partners Badge Celebration Event, which took place in Google’s trendy London offices on 14th of September 2016.

On the day, the team had to leave the office earlier (we didn’t mind!) in order to catch a train to London and then take the tube to the Google UK Headquarters in Central St Giles, arriving at 6pm. (we didn’t think being fashionably late on this occasion would go down too well!). Shortly after arriving we received our Google event passes at the reception of what was probably the most vibrant & colourful building in all of London.

Each of Google’s guests were given a blue glowstick. These created an exciting evening atmosphere (not quite a rave though!) which really amplified the blue coloured theme of the event – something we later found out after 

London Landscape seen from the Google UK Headquarters during the Google Partners Celebration Event 2016

entering the party) was the signature Google Partners’ mix of white and blue. The above is why every element of the decorations, Google staff and even the food and drinks were coloured white and blue.

Throughout the evening we were taken through some presentations which outlined the directions  important to Google currently (Virtual Reality!) and how these would influence on Google’s further development. We were even given the chance to get a sneak preview of Google’s newest endeavour: Google Arts & Culture. This is a virtual museum with a variety of natural and cultural exhibits. It would not be 2016 if Google had not proposed visiting the project through virtual reality (With Google Cardboard & a mobile!) Well – there’s a first time for everything!

The second presentation was a demo showcase of the HTC Vive VR platform and the Tilt Brush paint app performed by professional graffiti artists. It made a hugely influential impression on everybody because of its infinite capabilities and world creation possibilities.

The remainder of the evening was concentrated on having a good time in the Google office with our fellow Google Partner Companies. We chatted with other guests, listening to the 80s DJ set and drank cool blue drinks supplied by Google – we told you they were serious about the blue theme!

Overall it was a great experience for the Innovation Visual team, the evening was well received by all attendees, and we will definitely be swiftly RSVPing to our next invite!

Thank you Google!

The IV team

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