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Innovation Visual Steps Into The Virtual World With Google Cardboard

Posted by Tim on 05-Apr-2016 01:00:23

When you think of Virtual Reality, the word ‘cardboard’ is unlikely to be the first word that comes into your mind. Virtual Reality is something that we have deemed to be a technology of the future, and so we expect it to ‘appear’ like a futuristic technology. Such a product being made out of a material like cardboard simply doesn’t fit this vision, but thanks to Google, it does now!

Some may be thinking that this has to be an elaborate prank by the technology giant, but you would be wrong. Google Cardboard is a real innovation that utilises readily available materials to create a rich, outer-world experience that will justify the hype surrounding Virtual Reality technologies. To add to the good news, there is no complicated assembly or power source required in order to fully enjoy Google Cardboard, simply follow the instructions supplied within the packaging, and you are away!

As a Google Partner, we were supplied with a Google branded Cardboard viewer, something that has also been supplied to all other members of the Google Partners scheme. This is not simply reserved for the elite, Google 

IV Team Member Using Google Cardboard

Cardboard headsets can be easily purchased from their online store, as well, off-brand versions can also be purchased from various retailers; but we do warn that they may not provide the same rich, immersive experience that Google creates.

As with any popular product, existing channels are modified to accommodate and capitalise from the opportunity, as can be observed from the large array of Android and Apple store applications developed to support the new apparatus. Not only has this impacted the production of applications, but it has also given rise to a new breed of video: 360-degree viewing. Through the use of Google Cardboard, users can now view YouTube videos in a way that allows them to see a complete 360-degree view of the video; further immersing users in great experiences that will most certainly leave a lasting impression.

Whether this will make its way into everyday life, in the form of being able to browse Google or watch television with such a headset is unknown. But, there are two things that are for definite; the once-distant future is now upon us, and engaging with your users in new, exciting ways to generate outstanding experiences is truly un-paralleled.

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