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Innovation Visual Expands Their Talents

Posted by Tim on 26-Feb-2016 16:50:35

University Department Of Philology

Innovation Visual is happy to announce one of their brightest team members, Oktawiusz Skrzek, has successfully passed his final exams and collected his Master’s degree, as a successful result of his university studies.

Oktawiusz has graduated in Public Discourse at the University of Silesia in Katowice, which is one of the biggest in Poland; and is the biggest in Silesia.

The Master’s exam took place at the beginning of December 2015 and it consisted of two parts: a Master Thesis discussion and a round of questions from the exam committee. After the exam had been concluded, the committee debated the responses given by Oktawiusz.


He had passed and upon finding out about his success, a short statement of Oktawiusz graduating the university was issued to him, with the outstanding final grade of B+.



Oktawiusz was working on a literature-based thesis on Charles Bukowski’s prose, under the supervision of professor Ryszard Koziolek, who is the current Rector at the University of Silesia. The Philology studies with Public Discourse speciality was a course focusing on PR and marketing issues, such as:

  • Public language aesthetic and style
  • Promotional/Digital language
  • Marketing techniques
  • Communication

The course lasted for two years, being a continuation of previous Bachelor’s Degree studies.

The final stage of graduation took place over a week ago, which is where the last formalities were managed at the university, in Katowice, Poland. Oktawiusz was supplied with his diploma, three write-offs and a diploma supplement with additional information on study progress, marks and grades, as well as a professional alumni description.

Oktawiusz is now able to fully focus on his career, here at Innovation Visual. It is also worth mentioning that he is currently taking part in a Squared by Google course (developing his marketing/communication/leadership skills), which will help aid his own personal development.

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