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Google Webmaster Tools, where did you go our dear friend?

Posted by Tim on 01-Jun-2015 15:04:52

Google Webmaster Tools has been a large influence to the Google Search optimization community over the past 10 years, offering outstanding tools that help users to monitor their websites presence within Google’s Search Engine.Google Magnifying Glass

Is has earned it’s reputation and gotten it’s name known with many geeky professionals who have used it as an outstanding source of analytical data, up until now.

On the 20th May 2015, Google announced the re-branding of the well-known tool to ‘Google Search Console’. Obviously, this change has brought some confusion to those who did to know about the changes, likely causing them to frustratingly shout out “Where did Webmaster Tools go?” But don’t fret! This change should not cause any stress for those who are wondering where it has gone, because it is still here!

Yes, believe it or not, it’s still alive and well!

The rebranding of the tool has not changed any of its original functionalities, and it has brought with it a brand new, shiny packaging and a better, simpler display interface. We should know, we use Webmaster Tools / Search console every day as part of our online marketing services.

But you may be asking, what was the point in this change? What does it achieve that the old Webmaster Tools couldn’t?

Webmaster Tools to Search Console

As Google expands into an ever more diverse environment, it wants all types of people to feel welcomed by what it can offer. My changing the name from ‘Webmaster Tools’ to ‘Search Console’, it shows that you don’t have to be a ‘master of the web’ to wield website optimisation tools. Google wants its audience (and it’s future audience) to know that their applications can be used by anybody and that you shouldn’t be scared by the sometimes-confusing nature of web analytics.

So, don’t take hesitance to get to know the new exterior of Google Search Console, it may appear different on the outside but on the inside it is still Google Webmaster Tools, the spectacular analytical gadget that we have loved for all these years.

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