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Working with Ah!Yes

Posted by Jo on 23-May-2019 13:16:55 | 2 Minute Read

Who are Yes, Yes Yes and what is their relationship with Ah!Yes?

Yes Yes Yes was set up by two longstanding friends, Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks, who had both worked at pharmaceutical company Pfizer when Viagra was launched, and were aware of the need for effective intimate lubricants and moisturisers.

Innovation Visual client Ah!Yes (and Yes Yes Yes) website on laptop screen photo

The UK based company who manufacture and sell natural, organic, personal lubricants, moisturisers and intimate washes online, market their products in America under the Ah!Yes brand.

Business has been growing at such a rate stateside that Yes Yes Yes felt that in order to fully reach and service their American customers a USA specific website should be launched. So they did just that!

AH!Yes – same, same as Yes Yes Yes, but (slightly different)

That old adage about ‘nothing is as simple as it seems’ rang true when a trademark challenge to their UK company name -Yes Yes Yes, complicated their America expansion. The solution was to change the company trading name in the USA only to Ah!Yes.

But don’t be fooled - the name is the only thing to be altered. The products offered on the US site are from exactly the same award-winning UK Yes Yes Yes range. All of Ah!Yes intimate products are made with certified organic ingredients, are ethically sourced and are pure, containing no chemicals. They are designed to be side-effect free, natural, highly effective and pleasurable.

Ah!Yes products go through the stringent FDA approval process

We know how fantastic the product range is, but it is always good to have an official vote of confidence. Which is why Ah!Yes ensures that their products meet with FDA approval and go through their stringent process. Whilst the majority of the intimate products have already passed FDA checks with flying colours, due to the length of time the process takes, there are a few awaiting their final seal of approval.

Digital marketing for AH! Yes

AH!Yes’ deep respect of the natural environment underlines everything they produce and the direction that their communications take. Their pure products are much kinder to the environment compared to other intimate competitor products on the market. It is essential for Ah!Yes that we develop their online presence and audience reach, whilst ensuring that the website ranks in search engines for key target terms.

Innovation Visual will be providing digital marketing consultancy services to help optimise the website with the aim of improving the website search visibility. This will be done by first identifying the terms Ah!Yes wants to be found for within the US market and then optimising the website to target these search terms through content creation. The content development strategy will engage with their difference customer personas and support them throughout their buying journey.

In conjunction with ongoing SEO, we will be carrying out paid campaigns on non-branded terms to increase the new customer base. The region specific PPC strategy will take into account language nuances, time zones, local currency and of course be the ads themselves will be audience specific. Campaign landing pages will help to maximise conversion and increase quality scores.

Find out more about AH! Yes

The Innovation Visual team are pleased to be working with AH!Yes in USA and will be working to positively impact the business month-on-month by improving their ranking for key terms and increasing conversions.

If you would like to find out more about how our digital marketing services can help grow your business’ online presence, then please contact our team or email Tim Butler,

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