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So you don't think voice and AI will impact you?

Posted by Tim on 11-Jul-2018 14:13:00 | 1 Minute Read

It is interesting that sometimes I still come across people in marketing that don’t think that either voice technology and / or artificial intelligence will impact them and their approach to digital marketing in any meaningful way. While we can carry on telling people what we think and the progress being made, there is nothing more powerful than people seeing it for themselves. Below are videos showing just two uses of this technology as examples of just how powerful it is becoming.

Want to learn more about artificial intelligence in marketing?

We have a breakfast event coming up on the 10th October where we will be tackling some of the impacts of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. Spaces are limited, and note our location (just south of Guildford, UK, Surrey) before signing up. You can register on our Google Partners Event page.

Google Assistant Making Appointments

Reaction to IBM Watson Debater Project

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