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OncoloMed Partner with Innovation Visual

Posted by Jo L.S. on 30-Jul-2020 11:00:00 | 2 Minute Read

While it’s always exciting to welcome a new client, we are particularly proud to be working with a business that is striving to do such great things for people living with cancer diagnoses.

OncoloMed is a virtual cancer hospital and concierge service that links patients with oncological specialists and experts around the world. They were founded in Norway in 2010 and are now looking to expand their services even further worldwide.

We are delighted that the OncoloMed team have selected Innovation Visual to support them with the planning, delivery and implementation of their digital marketing strategy for this expansion. We are thrilled at having the opportunity to be a part of their team and this ground-breaking project.


OncoloMed have been in business for over ten years, providing second opinion diagnoses and treatment assessments from leading specialists and clinics to patients who may otherwise not have the option of alternative or additional treatments other than those available to them by their direct medical services. Having proven a highly successful business model in Scandinavia, OncoloMed now wants to reach out to patients worldwide


Supporting OncoloMed with Digital Marketing Services

OncoloMed wants to extend their reach internationally so that they can help as many people as possible in their fight against this horrendous disease.

Search Engine Optimisation

Until now, the majority of patients approaching OncoloMed for second opinion services, have found the company through word of mouth referral. Moving forward we will help drive relevant traffic towards the OncoloMed website to introduce individuals looking for oncological help to OncoloMed, even if they haven’t heard of them before. This will ensure that those who would best benefit from the services provided are driven to the website. We will work to position OncoloMed as an authoritative source of information to help people find the organisation through their own organic searches. Innovation Visual will help with the development of OncoloMed’s new English language website to ensure precise optimisation and successful roll out in the target regions.

Paid Search

As the full power of the organic search visibility work inevitably will take time to develop, there will be a role for paid advertising campaigns. Hyper granular search terms will present well-targeted opportunities to drive traffic to the website where quality content will engage and nurture. Gated content and remarketing strategies will also be a valuable strategy to employ to ensure that the correct people, those the business can most help, are targeted through social media and display advertising.

Content Strategy Execution

Content will be the foundation of the digital strategy as biddable campaigns are most effective when founded on quality content.

A full content strategy and plan, with the goal of moving visitors through the journey, will drive people to the website in search of expert information and trusted advice. Gated content will enable OncoloMed to monitor those who access specific information and to nurture them through automated and customised workflows. In this way we will create the optimum opportunity to convert these individuals to making direct enquiries about the options for the next stage of their treatment.

Driving Traffic

Contact the experts at Innovation Visual to find out how we can help drive quality traffic to your website.