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Innovation Visual named as a Winning Paid Search Agency

Posted by Tim on 15-Feb-2016 00:00:50

Google Adwords Partner

For the last quarter of 2015, Innovation Visual Limited had been participating in the Google Partners 'Ready to Rock' competition. On Friday the 12th of February, we were proudly named as one of the best-performing agencies, with regards to client AdWords spend during the previous quarter, and received a bundle of goodies for doing so.

There were more than 150 other winning agencies. But as Innovation Visual finished 12th, we were proudly awarded the third tier of prizes, which were presented to each of the top 15 performing agencies.

We received the following super-cool items:

  • Google Ukulele
  • Ready to Rock swag kit
  • Google backpack
  • A pack of sweets
  • T-shirts x 3
  • Mugs x 3
  • Google Play gift cards

The second tier of prizes included Google Cast for Audio Speakers, that was awarded to the top 5 agencies. Whereas the overall #1 winning agency would receive their very own recording studio software to rock on with.

Although we are of course very happy to have finished as the 12th best paid search agency in the Country, this has also motivated us to continue making progress and hopefully break into the top 10 or even 5 in the years to follow.

There are hundreds of Google partner agencies registered in the UK, so we’re very pleased to be named as a winning agency. As a smallish digital marketing team working out of Surrey, we are overwhelmed to be named as one of the top paid search agencies operating in the UK.

For a list of the top 25 winning agencies click the link below:

Does knowing that Innovation Visual are among the top paid search agencies in the Country encourage you to work with us on your own AdWords campaigns?

Get in touch or let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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