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Butlerz Dry Cleaning

Target Audience: Consumers
URL: www.butlerz.co.uk
Category: Domestic Services & Cleaning

New Website Build and Brand Upgrade

Butlerz provide door-to-door dry cleaning, laundry and ironing service. As part of a business upgrade Nigel Hardy owner of Butlerz Dry Cleaning commissioned Innovation Visual to design a new website and revamp the existing Butlerz logo. The purpose to provide the most cost effective solution as possible with regards to giving this small local business a boost for 2017. Our web design was focused, using the data on the types of services customers were searching for the most such as Ironing Services, Shirt Service. Individual pages describing the Services were created and optimised for the exact keyword search terms, in order to increase traffic from Google. Engaging content was written that was easy for customers to follow and that would quickly give those customers from busy households all the information they needed to know when arranging their dry cleaning. The purpose to build a user friendly website that would bring commercial success for Butlerz by not only bringing more customers to the site but once landed on the site a clear outline on how to book, pay and arrange for door-to-door dry cleaning.

Project Areas

Website Design & Development 100%
Localised Search Engine Optimisation 100%
Google Adwords 100%
Bing Adcenter 100%
Email Marketing 100%
Content Development 100%
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Localised Paid Search Advertising

Starting with Google Adwords we created a number of paid search campaigns that allowed a focus on Butlerz business catchment area that stretches from Godalming to Liss in a corridor that follows the A3 truck road. While some campaigns had very strict geographical focus we understood that many of the target clients may well work outside this catchment area and therefore searching in the daytime for Butlerz’s services so we therefore created campaigns to capture these people appropriately. After a period of refinement of the campaigns, based on analysis of the data, we then further expanded the reach of the business in research results by using the Bing Adcenter platform in addition to Google Adwords.

Localised Organic Search Optimisation

As a business with a very geographically defined catchment area it was important that their online marketing budget was very focused. We began by looking at the business and researching the relevant keywords that their particular audience were searching for. With the research information it became apparent that combined organic search optimisation and paid search campaigns would be the optimum approach. We identified search terms that included relevant location terms within them, for example ironing haslemere, as well as non-geographically specific terms such as wax jacket cleaning. This became our focus for the organic search targeting for each of the business sections. Overall the website needed to build its relevant inbound links and the freshness of its content. We therefore devised a plan to fit within Butlerz online marketing budget that would deliver a blend of work that would achieve its organic search goals.

Content Development & Email Marketing

It is our belief that search marketing needs to be part of a complete plan for a business’ online marketing. As the website content was identified as an area that needed more written detail to support the organic search efforts, we suggested that we maximise the use of this content creation by utilising the monthly Butlerz blogs as the basis for the email marketing content. For example, there are times of the year where content is very relevant regarding dry cleaning services, such as as wax jacket cleaning, so we maximised on this selling potential for our client.

Using existing prospect, customer and lapsed customer data we deliver email marketing campaigns every month now that have performance metrics well above industry and sector benchmarks. By taking this combined approach we are also maximising the results for Butlerz’s investment in online marketing each month.

  • Website Design
  • Localised SEO
  • Local Paid Search
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Development
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