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Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) uses the search engine Bing to promote your business to millions of untapped customers searching online. Although perhaps not the dominant search engine, Bing is still a strong option for many target audiences, and should most definitely be considered when investing in paid campaigns  mix alongside Google Ads.

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Why Use Microsoft Advertising?

There are numerous reasons why businesses using paid search campaigns should consider advertising on the Microsoft Partner Network.

Specific Targeting

It is true that Google holds a vast majority of the search engine market share. In response, Bing has concentrated on targeting specific audiences, including the approximately 60 million users searching who are not using Google. Bing holds a huge amount of data on vertical market segments including B2B and retail markets.

In addition to the 378 Million monthly UK desktop searches, Bing is the default browser for iPhones (which held a 49% UK market share in 2019) so utilising Microsoft Advertising means that you have direct advantage over other competitors when it comes to targeting users of iPhones. With the exponential growth of voice search, which includes Siri, and is predicted to grow to 50% of all searches in 2020, it only makes sense to keep ahead of the game by utilising this powerful platform.

Competitive Advantage

Bing holds second place in the Search engine market share globally. There are 11.7 billion monthly searches conducted on the Microsoft Search Network, with 66 million of US searchers only using Bing and never Google!  Where Bing can triumph over Google, is in cost per click. There is approximately 36% less competition on Microsoft Advertising than Google Ads, which translates to around 60% less Avg. CPC on Bing. With these figures in mind, it is easy to understand the competitive advantage that Microsoft Advertising can provide our clients.

Swift Approval Process

The Microsoft Advertising network approval process is very quick and Microsoft Advertising is often considered more flexible in terms of ad creation as their guidelines are a little less restrictive as compared to Google’s.

Benefits of Working with a Microsoft Advertising Partner

Perhaps the biggest benefit of working with Innovation Visual, on your Microsoft Advertising paid campaigns, is that we are experts in PPC. Not sure where to invest your budget? We can help analyse your goals and decide how much to place into any viable platform to maximise you ROI. We provide the highest customer service and digital marketing expertise to our clients to ensure that you get the best results with Microsoft Advertising.

Achieve your Goals

At Innovation Visual, digital marketing is our bread and butter. We don’t just focus on one area of your plan; we seek to understand all of your marketing objectives to see where our expertise can be efficiently applied. In this way we can devise a strategy, which encompasses paid campaigns and your Microsoft Advertising Ads, to ensure that you achieve all of your business goals.

Exclusive Benefits

As Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professionals and members of Microsoft's Advertising Partner Programme, we benefit from exclusive partner events, receive special access to offers, dedicated account management, access to research and obtain the latest trends in consumer behaviour.  Perhaps the perk we prefer the most, is the ability to use BETA tools that are only available to members of the Partner Programme – such as focused targeting in Linked In down to job title level.

Qualified Professionals

The Innovation Visual team are accredited and qualified in how to use the Microsoft Advertising platform to get the best performance out of your ads and budget. we have access to the Microsoft Advertising Learning Lab so that we always stay up to date. Through proactive optimisation we help clients maximise their ROI and provide expert Microsoft Advertising strategic advice, understanding and reporting.

Direct Support

As a Microsoft Advertising partner, we receive direct support, services, training and solutions from Microsoft to ensure that we are always at the forefront of this advertising platform and can continue to offer the best service to our clients.

Contact Us

Contact our expert team at Innovation Visual to find out how we can help you achieve optimal return on your Microsoft Advertising spend.

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