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Lulworth Student Company Partners with Innovation Visual

Posted by Kate on 28-Jun-2022 14:29:58 | 3 Minute Read

Innovation Visual is delighted to be working in partnership with Lulworth Student Company. Lulworth Student Company, providers of affordable, yet high quality student accommodation in Bournemouth and approached us in late 2021 with a vision to grow their online presence. Since then, we have been working with them to leverage our expertise to help them achieve their business objectives through a carefully targeted, strategic programme of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Paid Search, Web development, content, social media and videography.

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About Lulworth Student Company

Lulworth Student Company provide a high-quality, value for money accommodation solution for Bournemouth University, AUB and AECC students. What makes Lulworth special is the range of modern, desirable facilities on site, such as their café, gym, football facilities and basketball court.

Their student accommodation building is beautifully maintained and carefully managed, with 24/7 security and on-site cleaners to ensure students can have an enjoyable and relaxed stay at Lulworth, enabling them to focus on their studies and make the most of their time as students. Lulworth Student Company are dedicated to providing a high-end experience, at an affordable price, with exciting services being added to their offering all year round.

The Goals and Objectives of the Lulworth Student Company

Lulworth Student Company highlighted several key objectives to us, with the primary focus being on achieving ‘fully booked’ status for the building as early as possible for the following academic year. They also aim to deliver a frictionless room booking process, to make it even easier for students to book. Each strategy in place is designed, ultimately, to improve the overall conversion rate for the business, and provide students and their families with an even better experience of booking with Lulworth Student Company.

On meeting with the Lulworth team, it was important for us to first develop a clear understanding of their current digital marketing efforts, and what has restricted them from reaching their goals thus far. We then developed a carefully researched digital marketing plan to help us move from their current position, around their identified obstacles, towards their objectives.

Innovation Visual client Lulworth Student Company website services on held mobile screen

Website Build

Analysis of Lulworth’s website highlighted that it wasn’t the flexible, future-proofed marketing tool they need to meet their digital marketing goals. It was agreed that the most effective solution would be to redevelop their website on the feature-rich, user-friendly HubSpot CMS platform in order to provide the business with the digital presence and online tool-kit they need. The new website, launched earlier this year, encompasses an improved website structure and UX for more effective customer conversion, as well as integration of additional tools and functionality, designed to facilitate best practice digital marketing, with an evolved visual design and overall website aesthetic to better engage with the company’s target personas.

Search Engine Optimisation

Aligned with the website, we have also been focusing on delivering measurable and trackable increases in online bookings, via a best practice Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. Our strategy included conducting essential keyword research, to guide the content strategy, inform the website’s updated Information Architecture as well as focus our SEO efforts.

Keyword Research is the process of comparing, analysing and prioritising keyword opportunities, as well as the language the target audience is using, to gain insight into what potential customers are searching for. This, in turn, guides content strategy to drive organic visibility in search engines, and improve overall site ranking. We used data analysis from the existing website to help us understand the target audience more clearly, including their behaviour on the site, the content that performed well and the user journeys that delivered the best rates of conversion. This insight enabled us to more clearly understand how to improve performance with the new website and more effectively meets Lulworth’s target audiences’ needs.

Content Strategy

Concurrently, using the keyword research and website data outlined above, we have also planned and evolved a rolling content strategy. A strategically planned and high-quality content strategy is pivotal for effective digital marketing, and is used to ensure that content is matched with the primary personas, how they search and what they search for online when looking for student accommodation in Bournemouth as well as the various stages of the buyer’s journey to ultimately provide competitive advantage and increased bookings.

We Can Support Your Digital Marketing Too

We are delighted to be working with the Lulworth Student Company to help them achieve their business objectives and we look forward to continuing to deliver the the exceptional results they expect.

If you would like to find out how we can transform your digital marketing strategy and business results too, then get in contact with our team of expert digital marketeers today.


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