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Target Audience: B2B
Category: Technology & Consultancy

BrightStarr are a leading SharePoint consultancy operating across the world with offices in the UK, Argentina, the UAE, Australia and five across the USA. We have been working with BrightStarr for several years, initially being engaged to work with them on organic and paid search optimisation. Success in these areas has led to our greater involvement within the marketing of the business including work on content development and online effectiveness consultancy.

  • International Search Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Adcenter
  • Organic search optimisation
  • Content Development
  • Online effectiveness consultation

Project Areas

Search Engine Optimisation 100%
Google Adwords 100%
Bing Advertising 100%
Online Effectiveness Consultation 100%
Content Development 100%

BrightStarr is a great example of working on both short and medium terms gains in search marketing. Highly optimised paid search campaigns delivered cost effective, quality leads into the business from the outset, but work on organic search engine optimisation was undertaken from the beginning. Some organic search terms took little time to get to the first page, however the business was patient while we worked on highly competitive terms which would have a big pay-off. This investment and patience has paid off with now worldwide number one rankings for a number of important target terms.

The Results

BrightStarr used to rely heavily on paid search marketing for the traffic to and leads from its website. While we still advertise heavily on paid search platforms, both Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter the paid search traffic now makes up less than 10% of visitors to the website. The cost savings delivered by obtaining the right traffic from organic search rather than paid search have been huge in a sector where a single click can cost more than $50. The business has achieved its aggressive growth targets partly due to its ever-expanding online footprint. BrightStarr’s very visible presence in relevant organic search results has mirrored the achievements of the business and its staff in delivering the very highest quality, award winning SharePoint developments which has seen it become ever more visible within the industry.

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