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Hubspot Onboarding – What It Means & Why You Need To Choose The Right Programme

Building Your Sales Infrastructure The Right Way

In order to gain maximum return from your investment in your sales team, they need to be free to do what they do best. That means doing everything you can to free them up from the day-to-day drudge of admin and manual processing.

HubSpot Sales Hub (Pro & Enterprise), with its seamless integrations, single customer view and highly effective automation functionality is the tool to achieve that freedom. The comprehensive flexibility of the HubSpot platform means that it is highly customisable and can be structured in a way that complements your sales processes, supports your sales teams and delivers measurable revenue benefits to the bottom line.

However, while the true value of HubSpot is in the way it can be structured to support your business, an out of the box onboarding strategy will never deliver the best possible solution and so will limit the value HubSpot can deliver. That is why we don’t offer out of the box onboarding services. For us the only way to deliver that bottom line value, as well as high level adoption from your users, is to create an onboarding plan that is specifically designed to fit your organisational structure and processes.


Developing A Customised HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding 

We understand what a useful and effective Sales Pro or Enterprise Onboarding looks like and have worked with a number of delighted clients to plan, design and implement the right HubSpot set-up for them. Guiding them through the process from inception to training and beyond.

Each of these plans has been different, designed and rolled out specifically for each client company with the HubSpot functionality architected around their existing structure to fill gaps, bridge missing pathways and reinforce processes. Ultimately, delivering exceptional value in terms of time savings, increased revenue and maximised resource in Sales.

You can find out more about our onboarding approach on our main HubSpot onboarding page.


What Does Bespoke Onboarding for Hubspot Sales Pro and Hubspot Enterprise Look Like?

For us, every onboarding process is unique. However, we also use our experience and understanding of HubSpot to ensure that every plan is robustly comprehensive, no matter how different.

We do that by developing onboarding strategies that maximise the strengths of the client company internal structure, systems and processes, while using HubSpot functionality to minimise any weaknesses and plug gaps to create a strong, end to end, integrated system. Our goal is to deliver a highly effective, full and flexible system that is ready to go from day one.

We start every onboarding project in the same way, with a comprehensive Discovery session that examines, in detail our client’s position, goals and roadblocks. This enables us to fully understand the challenge, what we need to accomplish and what success looks like.


Ask Us About The Best Way To Onboard Your Organisation To HubSpot

From that session, we use the data and our experience as HubSpot Diamond Partners to develop an in-depth onboarding plan. The plan is designed to offer a roadmap from concept to completion. It outlines each stage, the processes we will work through, what we will need from you, what is included and the timeframe within which it will be achieved.

Our Sales Pro & Enterprise Onboarding Planning Process includes, but is not limited to:

    • Automated task creation for the sales team
    • Setting up automated internal notifications
    • Configuring your sales pipeline stages & probabilities
    • Configuring meeting links
    • Setting up standard snippets
    • Migrating your existing database of contacts*
    • Audience segmentation using active and static lists
    • Creation of naming convention for emails, workflows, UTM use

*As it is part of the integration process, we have included the migration of your database to the HubSpot CRM as part of the Sales Hub Onboarding project.

Onboarding Training and User Documentation

The greatest onboarding in the world would be of little value to a team who had no idea how to use the system they were presented with. We want to make sure you and your teams get eh very best value from your HubSpot set-up. That is why we also offer full training on its use as well as Install User Documentation to our clients.

The training will show your teams exactly what HubSpot can do, where everything is and how to use it for best effect. The documentation covers the detail they will need to develop the system and add to the processes in place, for example, what automation is set up, naming conventions, audience segmentation etc.


How To Make HubSpot Sales Hub Transform Your Sales Productivity

We know how to use HubSpot to maximise your sales teams’ productivity and positively impact your bottom line.

We’re here to help and advise. Our team of skilled HubSpot experts would be delighted to talk to you about how we can achieve that for you. If you’d like to talk to us about your challenges, how you could best address them and what we could accomplish together, then why not get in touch or complete the form above and we’ll get back to you for a chat right away.

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