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Posted by Charlie on 21-Jan-2020 11:15:17 | 4 Minute Read

Get to know our friendly team here at Innovation Visual and find out our top highlights from last year - events, trips, new team members and more. We aim to create a thriving work environment giving the team the ability and tools in which to succeed and excel in the delivery of our digital marketing services. 

2019 was an exciting year for Innovation Visual. Let's see what 2020 brings.

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- Do you have any highlights from 2019?

- My highlight was probably going to Web Summit in Lisbon. Which was one of the biggest web conferences in the world. Getting to listen to loads of amazing speakers from the likes of Burger King, Uber. Likes of Martin Sorrel and obviously being in Lisbon was just obviously great, I love the city. So that was probably my highlight of the year.

- I suppose one of the highlights I had was going to Learn Inbound in Dublin. I had so many in depth training on the whole scope of digital marketing from paid to content to link building. Got to go to the Guinness factory which is always fun. Never actually had one before, it's a bit of a strange flavour.

- Obviously for me, I started this year. Big highlight for me was moving from in-house marketing to working at a digital agency so that was really cool. Get a really good mix of different clients and different topics to work on so yeah. It's really interesting.

- Any highlights of 2019? Wow. Great stuff with clients. Particular highlight, going to Unily's Unite Conference in New York. That was brilliant, saw Seth Godin speak. That was fantastic. Then trips to Inbound, HubSpot's Inbound in Boston. Drift's HYPERGROWTH in Boston, those two events were brilliant. Obviously the team trip to Poland was a particular highlight. And we've had a great, great year for some new clients. Really interesting ones. We gone from Hinges through to high-end UAV. Really strong year for great new clients so, all in all spot on.

- My highlight was probably joining the team 'cause I've only been here for... This is technically my second week so, yeah. That's my highlight, getting to know everyone in the team and getting thrown straight into it.

- I think for me the highlight was going to Poland. We went to Poland on a team building, team bonding trip. It was a great opportunity to get out with the team. Out of the office. Explore the great outdoors in a beautiful part of Poland that we were in as well as the great indoors as well with some great bars and restaurants. And yeah, it was a really great time to sort of get to know the team a bit better outside the office.

- I really liked going to Learn Inbound in Dublin. That was a really good experience. I'd never been to Dublin first so it was a nice place to visit. But also the speakers were absolutely amazing. They spoke about really, really interesting subjects with loads of hands-on stuff that I could use for Innovation Visual basically. So that was really good.

- Well to start off, I started in 2019 so I've only been here about three months so that's a great highlight for me. It's been great coming to such a wonderful team and learning so much about the industry.

- I think it has to be the Christmas party. We did a murder mystery at a vineyard which was very good.

- Probably the team and the way we collaborate. And also everyone brings something different to the table so everyone's got different ideas and different skill sets. From people working on paid search to organic, to content, to things like using tools like HubSpot and Drift. I think everyone collaborates well and has something different to bring.

- I suppose my favourite thing about working at Innovation Visual is all the opportunities you get to learn and develop. I'm a paid search executive but I might go to an event and learn about content or something as well. So you get to learn about a whole heap of different things and develop yourself.

- I think it's that variety, you know? Swapping from one client to the next and having those different challenges to face each day. That's a really nice thing to do.

- My favourite thing about working for the team? Being the teams boss. It's about how great the team are. How easy they are to manage. How trouble free and how wonderful they are at their jobs. No, genuinely. It's just great to have such a good team around. It does make my life easier.

- Favourite thing about working here is probably just learning new things everyday from a team of very knowledgeable people. And yeah, everyone's just super nice here and it's all good.

- My favourite thing about working at Innovation Visual is just the huge range of clients that we have. We have clients in all sorts of different sectors which means there's never a dull moment. Lots of different things going on all the time. And it's great to kind of work with these companies. They've each got their own challenges, their own targets. And we use our expertise to help deliver success. Which is a great, rewarding thing to be able to do.

- Actually, I think it's the team I like the most. So we've got a really, really good team here. They're really talented people and they're really nice people to work with as well so there's a really good atmosphere in the office. So, yeah.

- I think it is the people. And it's such a really lovely bunch of people here. And everyone's got such diverse background and set of skills that I'm learning something new everyday.

- It's got to be the people, the variety. Both in what I'm doing and the clients that we work with. And that you get to sit on balls. And dog walks with Poppy.

- Yeah.

- Oh yeah, we won our Christmas party by the way.

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